Are These Surprising Baby Names Set To Dominate 2020?

Are These Surprising Baby Names Set To Dominate 2020

Each and every child is special and unique in their own way, and finding a name that is distinct from others can be quite challenging. Traditional names are still a favorite for many of us, but recently parents have begun adopting names that are different and relatively new. With the start of a new decade, there is bound to be a shift in the kind of names people choose. These are the baby names that have been predicted to dominate 2020. There is a mix of all. The great part of these names is that there are a few traditional names; there are a few names that are modern, and there are names from all over the world.

1. Ada


This name was traditionally a German name “Adel” and means nobility. It can be traced back to Hebrew as well, and in Hebrew it means adornment. It is one of the first female names mentioned in the Bible in its first book itself. It is sweet and pleasant sounding and unique as not many people have this name.

2. Billie


This name was recently made popular by the famous singer Billie Eilish who is slowly dominating the music world. Earlier it was often used as a nickname for boys and men, but it looks like that is about to change. Billie means strength and determination and has a rustic feel to it. It was especially popular back in the 20th century and was often a hyphenated name, like Billie-Jo. History truly does repeat itself as it looks like this name is making a comeback.

3. Lucius


This name has Latin roots and means ‘light’. It was the name of a great Roman clan a long time back. It was quite a popular name during Shakespeare’s time, and it is said that he used it in at least three of his great plays. It has a biblical connotation and was supposed to be a kinsman of the Great Paul, an apostle of Jesus Christ.

4. Paisley


This name was originally derived from Latin and means church. It is also the name of a former Roman fort. A popular suburb in Scotland is also called Paisley. This name is delicate and is the perfect combination of traditional and modern.

5. Asher


This was the name of one of Jacob’s sons. It is an excellent Old Testament name and sounds soft and sensitive. Not to forget it comes with great nicknames. For example, you can shorten the name and call your baby ‘Ash.’ The name means happiness and perfectly summarizes how your baby makes you feel.

6. Tate


This is a strong single-syllable name that is easy to pronounce. It is of English origin and means cheerful. It is cute and cultural and was the name of the philanthropist Henry Tate. It makes for a great second name as well. It dates back to the 13th and 14th century where it was often used in Scotland.

7. Alfie


This name means wise-counselor and is becoming an increasingly popular name in England and other European countries. It is a spunky name with multiple options for nicknames. Derived from Old English, this name also serves as a great nickname for boys named Alfred. While Alfred is a more traditional name, Alfie is young, modern, and fresh.

8. Austin


Austin was derived from the Latin name Augustine. This name means ‘magic dignity’ or magnificent and was quite popular during the middle ages. It is of French and Latin origin and is quite a popular name in Europe. Several famous people bear the name Austin including Stephen Austin, who is known as the Father Of Texas. The name has several variations, such as Auston, Osten, and Austen. Apart from being a popular first name, it also makes for a great second name.

If you’re expecting a baby this new year, we wish you all the very best and hope this list has helped when it came to naming your baby. Remember, the name should be both trendy and unique.

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