Approved Guidelines on How to Lead Newbies in a Development Team

We are living in an era where for any business to succeed, the entire team should embrace the spirit of togetherness, growth, and adaptable to technological changes. The needs of customers keep changing as technology advances. That is why Ukraine developers among other developers, have adapted ways to maintain their businesses by embracing the use of technology on their websites. Some of the ways to achieve a successful software development process by good leadership to the team and agile project management.

The process of software development involves a high degree of professionalism. As a result, more Ukraine developers have taken the chance and pursue software development as their career. The good news is that software development is a continuous trend that takes new innovations regularly due to technology. As a result, it is a long term career meant to benefit developers at large.

In simple terms, agile management is simply monitoring the activities taking place during software development to end up successfully. The most used agile methodology is Scrum and Microsoft Excel, Jira, Microsoft project standing out to be the frequently used tools in Agile Project management. Some of the benefits associated with Agile management include:


Agile management makes it easy to achieve the objectives of the project because every section has specified requirements for a project.


A significant advantage of agile software development is a quick scheme to respond to changes in the process of software development. Team leaders can always implement and adapt to such changes with ease.


All team leaders together with clients, can release projects with ease. The critical aspect is to ensure all instructions are followed as required from the start of project development. Above all, changes can be done throughout the process.


The teams involved in the project development; the support team and the development team can adapt to any changes required at any stage of the project development.

Guidelines on how to manage your team

Leading software development teams to produce amazing products isn’t a walk in the park. It requires strategies and skills to put in place as a leader to lead the team in the right manner. Let us look at some of the guidelines to manage your team.

Encourage teamwork among all teams and above all, offer support

As a team leader, it is your duty to ensure your developers work together, exchanging ideas and they communicate well. This calls for the need to communicate with all teams involved and give them every single requirement of the project. Above all, a good leader does not just sit in the office and give commands but a good leader offers support to the entire team.

Specify the Goals and Objectives of the project

Before the onset of any project, a good leader ensures that all team players understand the aim and goals to be achieved on the project. So, a leader needs to encourage the team players to undertake the duties assigned to them positively. Above all, the team players should work towards the defined goal at the end of everything.

Guide each team according to their specialization

What matters most in software development is the ability to deliver exceptional results continuously. The only way to achieve continuous result is through cooperation among workers. As the development team leader, it is your duty to assign and manage all tasks to reach the goals. So how does, a leader manage duties assigned to different workers? Below are some ideas:

1. Always be updated on the progress of each worker

2. Have a platform that tracks every worker’s progress; all workers should use one platform.

3. Know every activity happening, such as issues arising, innovations, research, and even debts.

4. Make changes where necessary, for example, sub-dividing tasks into manageable duties.

5. Give developers duties they are comfortable with.

Have a manageable Team

To achieve the desired goals in software development, a leader or a manager should have a considerate number of team players. The recommended number should be between five to nine people. A small number makes communication to be easy and better performance is guaranteed. The following are ways in which communication workers achieve their goals:

Open communication makes collaboration among workers to be easy, leading to increased production.

Excellent communication enables a leader to monitor every worker individually.

Lead by Example

Charity begins at home. The same applies to the development team. As a leader, do to your workers as you wish the same be done to you. Be positive minded, goal-oriented, hard-working, team builder, among other characters you hope to see in your workers. Your team will follow the trend you are leading them with and focus on the same goal.

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