An Employee Decided to Do Work on the Weekend. His Boss Swiftly Called Him Out

A boss’s surprising reaction to finding out her Indonesia-based employee was working on the weekend is going viral.

Unlike some managers who have no problem with an employee working extra hours for productivity’s sake, R. Torry Jatiprakoso’s boss gently scolded him for it, Mashable Southeast Asia reports.

According to his LinkedIn profile, R. Torry, who also goes by the name TJ, is a yield manager at a travel tech company. On Twitter, TJ revealed that his boss texted him, told him that she saw that he was working, and urged him to “enjoy his weekend” instead. TJ shared screen-grabs of the conversation on his Twitter post.

After TJ briefly explained why he was working—a hotel “had confirmed a meeting for Monday,” so he had time-sensitive emails to send out—he promised his boss his laptop was closed.

But it didn’t end there. TJ’s boss apologized too for the fact that meeting details were first coming together over the weekend, writing, “I’m sorry, TJ, for such last-minute information about the trip. That will never happen again.”

TJ said that working on the weekends is strictly prohibited at the company, and it’s something he loves about his current workplace. Clearly his boss is serious about enforcing the policy.

Since sharing the story, TJ’s tweet has racked up over 30,000 likes and plenty of positive feedback via replies.

“I love healthy working culture like this. Your boss and company seem amazing,” wrote one user.

“THIS IS EXACTLY THE SAME WITH MY BOSS. She doesn’t want us to stay long outside office hours. She wants us to enjoy the weekend. She prohibits bringing work and [the] office laptop home. She never texts or calls during weekend. This is what work-life balance should be like!” commented another.

Hilariously, one Twitter user asked, “Which company is this so I can apply?”

Seeing all the attention his post has been getting, TJ realized that not everyone has a boss enforcing a work/life balance and he’s “super lucky” to work at this company. “Not only because of the boss, but also because of the sense of belonging among the team. (I feel like they are my long-lost brothers and sisters.) Not to mention, we work a half day on Fridays.”

He also gave some hope to Twitter users looking to change jobs and join him. “Don’t worry, people! [I work] at a global company, so we have offices in almost every country in the world just in case you want to apply.”