Addictive Twitter Thread Has People Posting Pics of Their Parents and How They Came Out

If you need something to scroll through during your lunch break or your commute home using mass transit, there’s a new Twitter thread that’s going viral, and it’s extremely addictive.

Last week, user @haileylainee asked the internet to help her start a thread on their parents and how they came out. She kicked it off by sharing three photos that included the faces of her, her mom and her dad.

The Twitterverse jumped at the opportunity to add their parents’ pics to the thread, which now has 7.7k retweets and 71.5k likes.

Below is a sampling, but you’ve been warned—you might just end up scrolling through the whole thread in just one sitting.

As parents, you never know if your kid is going to take after you or your partner in the looks department.

It’s always secretly a compliment when your kid ends up looking like your carbon copy. Because you’re fab, obviously.

And sometimes kiddos don’t end up looking like either, or come out with some features neither you nor your partner had.

When the daughter looks just like mom, and the son looks just like dad.

Precious. Just precious.

Also, you gotta love the fashion, hairstyle and makeup trends these photos reflect.

This user perfectly summed up our feelings on the entire thread.