According to studies, IQ is clearly linked with prosperity and happiness

Intelligence is simply intellectual ability to learn quickly, attain knowledge, understanding relationships and to use or apply the skills in an appropriate way. To compare the intelligence level of two different people living in a population different tests are applied these tests are basically IQ tests (intelligence quotient test). IQ basically reveals the level at which a person can settle its problems according to the situation.

 There are many myths related to IQ. Some believe that high IQ simply leads to success and the person with high IQ faces less difficulty in his life as he has the ability to deal with these difficulties on initial stages so, that problems do not advance to a chronic stage. But some thoughts are completely contradictory to the previous one.

How Intelligence evolved to modern level IQ

The first scientists who considered the measurement of Intelligence into their accounts were Paul Broca (1824-1880) and Sir Francis Galton (1822-1911). At that time they proposed that the size of the skull basically determines the level of intelligence in a person.

 But later on, this hypothesis was denied. But this myth becomes the basis of IQ tests because after them many other scientists worked on this point and concluded that not all human has the same level of intelligence. This leads to the revolution of high-level IQ tests to judge the mental capability of a person.

The need for an IQ test:

The first time IQ tests were performed on children whether they need extra help in their academic carrier or not. After that, these basic tests quickly changed to the source of judging the intelligence level of different people. So somehow it is necessary to know your IQ. If you want to know What’s your IQ score? Check it out with this awesome Worldwide IQ Test.

Many psychologists performed different experiments to prove either IQ plays an important part in a person’s success or not. One of the most well-known theories related to this aspect is Terman’s theory.

Theoretical work on IQ

In 1920, a psychologist of California named Terman tried to correlate IQ with the other basic terms of life that are success and happiness. Fo0r this purpose he performed an experiment by taking 1500 children having an IQ of average 150. 80 out of those 1500 children were blessed with an IQ of 170. He thoroughly studied the student’s behavior along with there characters and skills.

He observed that all the students are efficient and keen observers with the best skills to adjust to the change of surroundings. After his death, other psychologists took his responsibility and began to look after his project. They also observed their behavior. But after the children grew up the results were very different from the beginning.

Results of Terman’s experiment:

The psychologists concluded 3 major results

  • Group A: Out of 1500 children more than average went to colleges and universities for their higher education.
  • Group B: Some struggled for the job and stopped their education because of some basic reasons.
  • Group C: Some students not only left their dreams to fly high but also adopted negative ways to live their lives. E.g some started robbery, some chose the profession of smuggling and target killing.

When these three groups were keenly observed than psychologists came to know that group1 is determined and focused on its goals with strong will power. The 2nd group left its focus because of crucial situations and preferred to get a job to fulfill their needs. The children of the 3rd group lacked personality traits and used their higher IQ in negative sense and hence spoiled their lives to adopt the dark sides of this society.

Hence these diverse results refer the psychologists to conclude that character building along with personality traits are also essential in addition to IQ to get achievement in life.

Relationship of intelligence and achievement:

Despite Terman’s theory, the overall results of different observations showed that IQ plays an important role in everyone’s success but it doesn’t merely depend upon it. Many other factors like consistency, positivity, determination, will power, character building and strong personality also affect the success journey.

There are many examples around us. Donald Trump the president of America is also one of the geniuses with high IQ and achieved success, Jay Gatsby and many other Nobel prize laureates got fame on their own. But at the same time, many geniuses like mathematician Karl Godal end with mental illness and struggled a lot because of their personal crisis.

Correlation of intelligence and happiness:

These two words are also correlated but only intelligence is not enough to satisfy inner you. Similar to the success happiness also comes from the many different factors in addition to IQ. So it is necessary to be humble and positive to get happiness. A person with an average IQ will also be happy if he knows the basic rules to live a life. But if these rules are followed by a person with a high IQ it would be easy for him to reach that level of happiness more rapidly.

Final words:

Intelligence provides the potential to succeed and to achieve that potential all other morals are required.