A Formidable Hero Faces a Deadly Organization in ‘Bloodshot’ Book One

Meet a unique super soldier who finds themselves fighting a powerful organization

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A unique soldier fights a deadly organization in ‘Bloodshot’

Bloodshot is a comic book character I knew little about. There is a movie about this character coming out next year, and it looks pretty cool. So when I heard about Bloodshot Book One I was hoping I would get the chance to read it. I was able to get a digital copy of this graphic novel and here is what I thought of it.

You can read the plot for Bloodshot Book One here:

The unstoppable super-soldier trapped in a never-ending war… Once, he was the perfect living weapon, created to follow orders. Now, they work alone, using their lethal skills to protect those who cannot protect themselves.

But a mysterious and powerful organization is watching, and they’re not about to let something as dangerous as them remain free…

This was a pretty good graphic novel. There was a ton of violence, but that was to be expected with a character like this. The setting was dark and gritty, and the enemy was willing to do anything to achieve their goal. The battles were intense, and yet this hero refused to die. Just when they seemed to be done for, something unexpected happened. If you are a fan of violence and action then this is a graphic novel you will want to check out.

Bloodshot Book One comes out December 24th. You can pre-order this graphic novel on Amazon, at Barnes and Noble and at Indiebound.