A Different Kind Of Baby Registry

A Different Kind Of Baby Registry

No, we aren’t talking about the typical baby registry which will have a detailed list of all the products that you would want for your baby’s arrival. Though that is essential too. But we’ll get to that some other time. But there might be several other thoughts that are floating inside your head. And you might have deemed it as silly. But no matter how much you try to push it back to a dark corner at the back of your mind, it seems to bounce back one way or the other. “Will I be a good parent?” “Will being a parent change me as a person?” and “Will it change my life?”

seems to bounce back

Let’s start on a clean slate so that you don’t have any false assumptions or expectations from this article or about parenting. No matter how much you immerse yourself in reading about parenting and soak up all the knowledge you can, a few things are going to surprise you. You can never be completely prepared for the journey ahead. And that’s okay. Some things are better that way if you ask me.

Will Having A Baby Change My Life?

Will Having A Baby Change My Life

Yes, most probably. You may not be able to have as many late-night parties with your guy gang or girls’ night out. But you knew that already, didn’t you? Your calendar may be marked with the dates of upcoming parent-teacher meetings, sports days or annual meets. Your shopping checklist may change from shopping for cosmetic items to diapers, diaper rash cream, and baby clothes. Four years later, it would be school bags, lunch kits, water bottles, and uniforms.


So, yes, your life is going to change. But you could still have as much or even more fun with your kids. You could go for a picnic or have a fun holiday planned with your little ones. And chances are that you may trade having a fun day with kids over a girls night out.

Will Being A Parent Change Me As A Person?

Will Being A Parent Change Me As A Person

Probably. Your priorities may shift after you become a parent. If you were once a carefree person who lived life on your own terms, you may not be the same after a child in your arms. Different matters take precedence. You would start to see the bigger picture and might hold off on buying that expensive Gucci shoes or bag. And on days you plan alone time to spend on your own, chilling in a sofa and watching your favorite series, you might start missing seeing your baby’s face. And if you are somebody who took 2 hours to get ready, you might have now learned to do it in 10 minutes.

favorite series

You gain a different perspective and will also have the ability to see the world through a child’s eyes. Also, you will learn to appreciate your parents even more. Remember when your parents said, ‘You will only understand when you become a parent?’ Well, now you do.

Will I Be A Good Parent?

Will I Be A Good Parent

This is one frantic thought most expectant parents have when they are close to becoming parents. And it’s hard to say what kind of a parent you are going to be. You might be a fun-loving kind who likes to set some boundaries or a laid back chill parent which every parent wishes to be. Or you could be an uptight strict one. And let’s not forget the overprotective kind who cannot let their children out of their sight and say no to a sleepover every time.


But regardless of what kind of parent you will be, know that your baby will grow to be a wonderful individual if you love and care for them, and impart all the values that you want them to have.

You can make the world a better place if you teach your kids to be loving, caring and compassionate towards all. Honestly, the world could use a little bit of kindness. So, sit back and relax and know that things will fall into place on its own once you have that cute little smushy thing in your arms.

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