9 Moms Get Real About Their Post-Baby Body (And We Aren’t Talking About Weight)

Moms Get Real About Their Post-Baby Body

If you think pregnancy was tough, wait till you hit the postpartum. Pregnancy has some blissful moments among all the nausea, vomiting, and body pain. But postpartum shows no mercy! Of course, the worst is over with labor (or so you’d think). But don’t make the mistake of taking your postpartum period lightly. We don’t mean to scare you ladies out there, but up until now, you might have heard only the sugar-coated version of things. Somebody needs to give you the real scoop, and we are here to do exactly that. Here, 9 women talk about their post-baby body to save you from the shell shock you are about to encounter.

1. Engorged Breasts


“I never knew that breastfeeding can be this painful. I decided to formula feed my baby due to some medical reasons. But the pain I felt for several weeks is something which I would never forget.” – Renuka

Pro tip: Talk to your doctor about taking pain killers or apply an ice pack on your breast for 15 minutes for some relief.

2. No Bladder Control


“I never knew I would end up hating jokes after my vaginal birth. Every time I start laughing my bladder decides to let go and then it’s a pee party down there. I now carry an extra pair of undies and wear a panty liner whenever I step out.” – Naufila

Pro tip: Consult a pelvic floor physical therapist or your doctor who can help you strengthen the pelvic muscles and suggest some exercises to overcome this issue.

3. Bye Bye, Hair


“I had heard about postpartum hair loss but didn’t bother reading about it until it started happening to me. I feel like my hairline has changed forever after giving birth to my son.” – Ashley

Pro tip: Continue taking your prenatal vitamins even after birth and talk to your doctor if it doesn’t resolve over time.

4. Stinky Pits


“After weaning my baby, my armpits stank like crazy. My husband even started calling me ‘Roger Skunk’ which was a cruel joke by every means.” – Niharika

Pro tip: Use a deodorant soon after you shower and carry a small one in your bag just in case.

5. The Tearing And Healing


“I was adamant about having a normal delivery because I didn’t want any option that would leave a scar on my belly. Ironically, I ended up having an even bigger tear down my lady parts. I had third-degree tearing and the pain was unbearable. Forget about lovemaking, even pooping and peeing made me crawl out of my skin.” – Elena

Pro tip: Apply an ice pack down there, and make sure you get plenty of rest. You can talk to your doctor about prescribing stool softeners to ease the pain when you poop.

6. The Blood Bath


“No one had told me that your bleeding can last up to 6 weeks after delivery. I had to change my sheets every night because guess what? The maxi pads that they hand out at the hospital isn’t enough to hold your blood.” – Varsha

Pro tip: Use extra-absorbent pads that are specially designed for postpartum bleeding and follow a nutritious diet.

7. The Tears


“I didn’t know what I was dealing with until I was diagnosed with postpartum depression. I felt a sinking feeling as soon as I gave birth and the mom-guilt made it even worse. But knowing that there are other moms who felt the same way I did was a huge relief for me.” – Kiran

Pro tip: Don’t delay in consulting your doctor if the blues last for more than a few weeks.

8. Sweating Buckets!


“I started sweating profusely soon after my delivery. I needed a change of clothes every few hours as I would get completely drenched in my sweat soon enough.” – Salwa

Pro tip: Try meditation and breathing exercises to help curb the sweating. Drinking cold water might also help.

9. The Chills


“I had uncontrollable shakes the very next moment after giving birth to my daughter. The nurse explained to me that it might be because of all the adrenaline in my body when I was pushing. It was wild.” – Jenna

Pro tip: Try to relax and breathe. And don’t hesitate to ask for extra blankets if you need them.

Every woman’s postpartum experience can be different. But we hope we were able to give you a heads up about how things could go down after delivering your baby.

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