9 Mamas You’ll Find In A Facebook Parenting Group

9 Mamas You'll Find In A Facebook Parenting Group

Being a mommy means multitasking many things. Like walking the tight rope each day and juggling at the same time. But what if a mommy finds herself clueless at times and wants more than one opinion? In such situations, who better than mothers to pitch in. No wonder then that online parenting groups, like those on Facebook, are all the rage nowadays. It is a fun group to be in where a mom, especially a new mother, can learn a lot. And, of course, there are certain moms you’ll easily find on most Facebook parenting groups. Check the list below and see if you know some of them already:

1. The Recipe-Sharing Mom

The Recipe-Sharing Mom

Can’t decide what to cook for dinner while attending to your baby? Or looking for something quick and easy during exam season? Then all you need to do is simply ask in the group and there’ll be at least one mom who’ll share some expert recipes. Every parenting group has mommies who have a perennial list of recipes that they’ll share on the group – every single day!

2. The Know-It-All Mommy

The Know-It-All Mommy

She’s someone who knows all the answers to your questions. Does your child have a cold? She’ll know the remedy. MIL treating you badly? She’ll advise you. You got the hang, right? From the gas in your belly to the spat with your husband, she’s your go-to agony aunt with a solution for everything.

3. “Why-Does-Everything-Happen-To-Me” Mom

Why-Does-Everything-Happen-To-Me Mom

Now, all of us have good and bad days. But this sort of mamma tends to believe that everything wrong simply happens to her. The baby spit-ups, diaper explosions, burnt dal, and even the traffic jam outside the house – all bad things seem to find their way to her no matter what!

4. Over-Concerned Mother

Over-Concerned Mother

It’s natural for mothers to worry about their kids. But some mothers stretch it a bit too far. Worry when the baby cries. Worry when the baby doesn’t. It’s fine if you don’t know the symptoms of cold, fever, or a rash for the first time. However, pinging your buddies in the middle of the night to confirm if hiccups are normal for a 3-year-old is definitely over-concern.

5. “Mera-Bachcha-Mahaan” Mother

“Mera-Bachcha-Mahaan” Mother

We all take pride in our kids. However, some moms might not know where taking pride ends and bragging begins. Your baby pooping in the potty at 7 months – that’s news! But your child pooping in the potty at age 4 – Really?? These are moms who’ll upload around 20 pics of their baby in similar expression expecting a cute comment each time. Agreed, your baby is cute. But posting 20 pics each time can get annoying for other mommies!

6. The One With Unhealthy Comparison Fetish

The One With Unhealthy Comparison Fetish

These kinds of mamas are probably the direct result of the ones mentioned at #5. All the bragging and showing-off make these mommies indulge in an unhealthy comparison of their child. They might believe that their child is not meeting the required milestones when compared to others. They might constantly fret about it on the group.

7. Exceptionally Talented Mother

Exceptionally Talented Mother

And then there are those mothers who seem to be perfect. They might be mothers to more than one child, will have a thriving career, and helpful in-laws too. And what’s more? They might excel at arts and crafts and post interesting craft ideas each time. Do we see some of us turning green with envy already?

8. The One Who Follows The Rule Book

The One Who Follows The Rule Book

These moms stick to the rule book. Tell them anything and they’ll ask for research proof or a doctor’s recommendation. So, if you tell them it’s fine to apply a pinch of turmeric on the child’s finger cut, she’ll rush to the doctor anyway. They’ll not toe the line no matter how small the issue is.

9. The One Who Swears By Traditional Methods

The One Who Swears By Traditional Methods

And then, some mommies swear by Dadi-Nani Wale Nuskhe (grandma’s home remedies) for every ailment. Mention any problem, and they’ll have one home-remedy trick up their sleeve.

Are you part of a Facebook parent group as well? Which type of mother do you identify the most with? Tell us about it and let’s share a laugh or two together!

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