9-Hours-Late Interviewer Testing for ‘Patience’ Spurs Best Comments on Instagram Right Now

Job hunting is never easy—especially if you’re balancing the search with an existing job and a family to care for. That’s why Instagram commenters were so enraged by this viral meme about an interviewer who showed up not 10 minutes late, not an hour late…but NINE. HOURS. LATE.

TheShadeRoom, a popular Instagram account, posted a screenshot of a tweet describing the insanely late interviewer yesterday. The post has racked up almost 270,000 likes and nearly 23,000 comments. In it, job candidates are told to arrive at 7:00 a.m. for an interview. When the prospective hires still hadn’t been interviewed by 3:00 p.m., three candidates left. By 6:00 p.m., only two candidates remained. Both got the job, which the post credited to the candidates’ “patience.”

Others pointed out the negative ways the interviewer’s behavior reflected on the job itself.

Speaking of paychecks, some commenters wondered when the interviewees would be compensated for their time.

Some people were predictably hilarious.

And almost everyone agreed that the interview was a waste of everyone’s time, especially the candidates who had to take time off work or arrange for childcare.

The overwhelmingly agreed-upon verdict: No one would be happy working for an employer with an interview process like that. Thank you, next.