8 Happy Thoughts To Have During Pregnancy

8 Happy Thoughts To Have During Pregnancy

How we think has a major influence on our mind and our everyday life. If you nurture good thoughts inside your mind, soon it will start reflecting on everything you do. In a positive way, of course. Don’t believe us? Just imagine this. You are constantly telling yourself you are are not beautiful every single day. It becomes so glued to your mind that soon you will start believing it from every pore in your body. And no matter what your friends or partner says, it won’t change your perspective. Since our thoughts have such an impact on our day-to-day life, why not nurture our soul with positive thoughts? Pregnancy can make any woman’s self-esteem take a blow with the physical and emotional challenges it comes with. So having these happy thoughts by your side can help you get through pregnancy with much more happiness and laughter:

1. ‘You Are Beautiful’

You Are Beautiful

It could be your laugh, your smile, your eyes, your eyebrows, or your hair. Think of one thing which you like most about yourself. That one feature can help you feel good when you doubt yourself. ‘You are beautiful’ – it is such a simple thing to remind ourselves yet so hard for us to believe at times. There are times when the first thought that creeps in when you see yourself in the mirror is ‘I don’t look good.’ And because we start our day on such a negative thought, we end up having a bad day somehow. So let’s start our day on a positive note, shall we?

2. ‘You’re Grateful For…’

You're Grateful For

Having a family, a loving husband, a baby on the way, your job. There could be a lot of things you could be grateful for in life. Yet you might not be fully content because the grass looks greener on the other side. Remind yourself of all the things that you are grateful for. Only when we see a homeless person on the streets do we realize how grateful we are for things we find trivial like food, water, and shelter. You could also be grateful for having a good support system, or knowing that your friends have your back. Gratitude is one quality that will make you feel good and happy.

3. ‘You Can Do It’

You Can Do It

Get rid of all your thoughts about self-doubt by constantly reminding yourself that you can do it. You are going to be a fabulous mom, just have some faith in yourself. Being confident in your role as a mother will help you tackle the challenges better.

4. ‘Your Body Is Perfect Just The Way It Is’

Your Body Is Perfect Just The Way It Is

Be it your flabby belly, your cellulite legs, your fat ankles or your not-so-perfect thighs, who is to say what’s perfect and what’s not? Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. And the ideal body type has always evolved around the years. Remember, Marilyn Monroe was seen as an iconic beauty figure in the ’50s. Marilyn battled from low-self esteem issues for a very long time. And since pregnancy is a time when your body is constantly undergoing changes and your belly is growing rapidly, there are going to be times when you worry about how you look.

5. ‘You Will Have A Family Of Your Own’

You Will Have A Family Of Your Own

When you are feeling the blues of pregnancy, focus on the big picture. Remind yourself why you are doing this in the first place. You will soon have a little one playing around, kissing you goodnight, and looking for you when you are out of their sight.

6. ‘You Can Eat Whatever You Want’

You Can Eat Whatever You Want

Satiate all your cravings during this joyful time. But keep in mind that just because you’re pregnant, you don’t have to eat for two.

7. ‘Let Me Enjoy All The Attention’

Let Me Enjoy All The Attention

Remember your wedding day when all eyes were on you, and you were the center of attention? Didn’t that feel great even if it was for a fleeting moment? Now imagine feeling that way for the whole 9 months. Enough said!

8. ‘All Is Fair When You Are Pregnant’

All Is Fair When You Are Pregnant

You can scream at the top of your lungs and throw tantrums, and still, your partner would come running to you when you break down in the middle of the room. Most probably a few seconds later. Pregnancy makes you an emotional mess. You might feel like your hormones are playing a cruel joke on you. But it has its perks. It also makes you realize how much your partner loves you even when you act like a complete jerk.

Pregnancy can be an overwhelming experience for every mom out there. We hope having these happy thoughts by your side will help you have a happy pregnancy.

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