7 Tips To Spice Up Your Love Life After A Baby

7 Tips To Spice Up Your Love Life After A Baby

Life certainly changes for a couple when a baby arrives. A newborn completely overhauls their daily routine. And amid irregular sleep-wake patterns, dietary changes (of course, who wants to cook now!), etc., it is the love life that takes the major hit. With the wife recuperating from post-delivery stress and trauma, the husband will be all too willing to practice abstinence for a while. This might also make the new mother feel a bit guilty. At times, husbands too can feel left out of all the attention and love that a new mother showers on her baby. And let us admit, this not-so-ideal situation does cause frictions between the couple sometimes. However, a little understanding and some planning can help you better the scenario. Here are 7 tips to bring the spark back into your love life:

1. Decide A Mutually-Suitable Time

Decide A Mutually-Suitable Time

And stick to it! Your baby’s sleep-wake time varies a lot, especially during the first few weeks. Eventually, you’ll know when and for how long your baby will doze off. It may not be too difficult for a new dad, but a new mom might also be planning her sleep around the same time. So, make sure you decide a time which is mutually suitable and stick to it.

2. Talk Dirty To Get In The Mood

Talk Dirty To Get In The Mood

New parents will have a lot of new responsibilities to deal with, often leaving them exhausted. On such days, diving between the sheets as soon as the baby sleeps might not seem inviting. So, you can begin with some dirty talk to get yourselves in the mood. Why? Because it’ll save you a lot of physical energy which you can, of course, use later on.

3. Indulge In Some Playfulness

Indulge In Some Playfulness

If you are in the mood to do something more than just talking dirty, then good enough. You need to remember that normal intercourse after delivery might not be easy for your wife. But thankfully, there are ways to indulge a woman with some good old playful moves. You too can explore this option for yourself. Once you both are ready for the Big O, you can have a go at it.

4. Don’t Go Hungry

Dont Go Hungry

As a thumb rule, don’t try to indulge in lovemaking on an empty stomach. Because this will make you tire out soon. At times you might not be able to achieve the big O too, leaving your partner frustrated. Even if the other partner insists and you are not up to it, then don’t. Make sure you take time to eat and unwind.

5. Make It A Quickie

Make It A Quickie

To begin with, accept the reality that elaborate lovemaking rituals, which you indulged in before the baby, will be a luxury now. With hardly any time on hand and the fear of the baby waking up at any given point, quickies are your best bet. And they are not bad either. You can always mix it up with tip #2 & #3 before the final act to make it more interesting.

6. Try New Positions

Try New Positions

With the woman’s body not being the same as it was before pregnancy, she’ll surely not be comfortable with most of the previous positions. This is the time where you can get creative. Explore different positions. Make sure they are comfortable for both of you. Once you find the right ones, go with them until you are ready for a change.

7. Don’t Miss The Essentials

Dont Miss The Essentials

Men, do you often start looking for protection when you are in the throes of lovemaking? Fix a den where you know it’ll always be there, like inside the pillowcase or bathroom cabinet. And yes, keep them well stocked. As for women, why do it in your maternity pajamas all the time? Why not pick some lovely lingerie for yourself, in a comfy size? It’ll not only add spice to the lovemaking game but will also be a welcome change from the usual clothes you wear the whole day.

Most couples wish to have a baby at some point in their relationship. But, if you’re thinking it’ll mean throwing your love life out of the window, then it isn’t so. It is often a temporary phase before both of you will bounce back to your usual routine. In the meantime, follow these steps to keep the lamp burning!

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