7 Ridiculous Things Significant Others Did In The Delivery Room

7 Ridiculous Things Significant Others Did In The Delivery Room

The 9-month-long pregnancy journey isn’t easy for any soon-to-be parents. But the anticipation of eventually getting to see their baby at the end of it makes the long wait bearable. While being at it, most new parents make quite a few plans for the D-Day in advance. The hospital where the baby will be delivered; the first people to be informed about it; and if the significant other will remain in the delivery room. And if yes, what will he do – take pictures and videos of the birthing process, hold hands during the process, or assist the doctor when asked to. Despite all the planning, however, a lot of partners can end up committing ridiculous acts in the labor room. A few new moms share some of their partner-in-labor-room experiences here:

1. Any Time Is Candy Crush Time


“After hours of labor, the doctor had finally announced that the baby was ready to come out. My husband, who was holding my hand up until this point, immediately reached out for the phone in his pocket. I assumed he wanted to inform his parents. Instead, I heard the opening sequence music of Candy Crush game! To this day, he has not given me a convincing answer as to why he did that.” – Selena

2. What’s That Smell, Again?

What's That Smell, Again

“It was my husband’s decision to remain in the labor room at the time of delivery. However, as soon as the baby came out, he cringed his nose a bit. When I asked him why he did it, he said, “What’s with that smell? Is it the smell of birth??” I was too happy and relieved to bother answering him!” – Mehak

3. When You Are As Tired As Your Wife In Labor


“I was in labor for nearly 12 hours with no sign of the baby coming out anytime soon. At this point, one of the nurses asked if we had checked our post-delivery ward. My husband was surprised to know that we’ll be getting a ward to rest after delivery! A good 6 hours later, the doctor finally announced I was ready to push the baby out. When the moment arrived, my husband was nowhere to be seen. Later, we found him snoring soundly on my ward bed only to be woken up by the nurse to give him the good news!” – Sharmeen

4. Perfect Time To Catch Up On Social Media

Perfect Time To Catch Up On Social Media

“My husband was very excited about getting to experience childbirth first-hand. Just then a Facebook notification distracted him. The next thing I know, he was asking me if he could buy the new phone that had just been launched – right when I was pushing the baby through! I wished if I could clobber him then and there!” – Nikita

5. When Expressions Can Give Away


“Let me admit, childbirth can be gross. A fact my husband realized quite late. He was in the delivery room when the doctor asked him to bend and take a closer look at the baby’s head coming out. I’d never seen a weirdest expression on his face before. When I asked if something was wrong, he simply blurted, “Nothing honey, it’s beautiful!” – Chaarvi

6. “You’re Probably Hallucinating”

You're Probably Hallucinating

“My baby was all smeared in blood and birth fluids after delivery. But even in the middle of this, I was upset (albeit temporarily) that he had got his father’s looks and not mine. I was pretty sure of that. Seeing me getting worked up, my husband refused to buy the argument. “Look, you’re probably hallucinating under the influence of anesthesia,” he said while trying to convince me. I love my son to bits although I still hate the fact that he doesn’t resemble me much.” – Katherine

7. When The Hubby Needed Emergency Medical Attention


“I had checked with my husband a number of times if he was sure he wanted to be in the delivery room. He was adamant and confident. But the minute I started tearing, he dropped to the ground like potato and had to be wheeled out. It’s now a running joke between us.” – Neha

Aren’t these personal anecdotes funny and amusing? Was your significant other in the delivery room too? What was your experience? Please do share it with us in the comments section below.

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