64 Country Baby Girl First And Middle Names

Country Baby Girl First And Middle Names

Congratulations on the arrival of your little baby girl! We hope you are now settled into your new role as parents. If you have already decided a beautiful name for your darling angel, then kudos to you! Because coming up with a name which is unique and has a beautiful meaning is difficult enough. However, if you are considering a middle name as well, then this could be another herculean task. But don’t worry, we have your back. We bring you 64 beautiful country baby girl first and middle names to help you out. Why country names? Why not? Since they have a rustic charm, are not overused, and sound unique as well. Here goes:

First Names Middle Name
Ahana – Immortal Kumari – Princess
Amber – Jewel Dallas – Skilled
Adya – Goddess Durga Devdutt – God’s Angel
Baisa – Pure, White Sattva – Reality
Brook – A small stream Noelle – Christmas
Bahr – Sea, ocean Badar – Moon
Callie – Beautiful Grace – Generosity, goodness
Chameli – Jasmine Akira – Bright
Chavvi – Radiance  Sundari – Beauty
Dhani – Wealthy Disha – Direction
Daksha – Talented Kanti – Beauty
Dianne – Divine Bailee – Courtyard
Erika – Eternal Mae – Pearl
Eliza – Pledged to God Mae – Pearl
Eliza – Pledged to God Hazel – hazelnut tree
Ekantika – Singly focused Sani – Gift
Falguni – Beautiful Anand – Happiness
Falak – Fearless, brave Naaz – Pride
Faith – Being faithful Avery: Ruler of the elves
Gaurika – Lord of Brahmins Prakashi – Light
Genelia – Charming Ruth – Vision of beauty
Gauhar – Gem stone, precious Kiran – Ray of light
Harley – Long field Clara – Clear
Hiral – Lustrous Janak – Name of God
Heena – Beautiful woman Farzeen – Gift of God
Beautiful woman
Ishani – Consort of Lord Shiva Geetika – Little Song
Ivy – Eternity Violet – purple color
Iram – Garden in paradise Qamar – Sun
Jolene – God will increase Hope – Trust
Jeevika – River narmada Ladli – Loved one
Jhilmil – Sparling Sitara – Star
Kashvi – Shining, bright Kalee – Flower bud
Kimberley – Royal forest wood Alice – Noble
Kamya – Desire Nidra – Love
Laiqa – Worthy Jumeirah – Beautiful
Latika – Goddess Gauri – White
Lupa – Pretty Lahari – Waves
Lupa Pretty
Maham – Full Moon Alisha – Protected by God
Madelyn – High tower Rose – Flower
Mia – Mine Nicole – People of victory
Neelima – Unconquerable Nehad – Brave
Nayantara – Star of the eyes Deepa – Lamp
Natalie – Birthday of the Lord Harper – Harp player
Odika – Ancient Vaidya – Physician
Omisha – Modest Pushp – Flower
Olivia – Olive Jewel – Precious stone
Paige – Page to the Lord Ashley – Ash tree meadow dweller
Primrose – First rose Bryleigh – Strong; gracious
Pinaz – Happy Meher – Grace
Ruby – Precious red stone Aurora – Dawn
Rehana – Perfume Mubeen – Bright
Rachita – Creation Devika – Little Goddess
Rachita Creation
Shirisha – Shining Sun Hari – Color of the Sun (mythological)
Saira – Princess Salim – Peace
Suhana – Beautiful Pavani – Full moon
Triya – Young woman Kaushali – Skilled, Intelligent
Tahera – Pure Afroze – Illuminating
Tooba – Tree in heaven Shiraz – Sweet
Upasna – Coming together Rashmi – Ray of light
Ucchal – Perception Nidra – Love
Upadhriti – Ray Drishti – Sight
Vanya – Goddess of forest Deeksha – Consecration
Vasudha – Another name for Shiva Mahima – Greatness
Another name for Shiva
Wajeeha – Glorious Rehman – Merciful
Widisha – Knowledge Parikrama – the path toward something (right)

We hope these beautiful country baby first and middle names have given you enough inspiration to name your baby. But, no matter what you choose for your baby, we are sure it’ll be completely apt. And yes, while you are at it, don’t forget to pin it so you can refer it as and when possible! Good luck with it!

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