6 Signs You Are Living a Good Life

We often overlook the simple things that make life beautiful and focus on negativity. Thing is, we might be doing so without even realizing it.

The bus is 5 minutes late and you’re already complaining. You find yourself cursing the person in front of you for taking their time ordering coffee.

Sometimes, the day just isn’t how you want it to be.

While it’s completely okay to feel frustrated at times, you should also remember to appreciate the good things in life.

Don’t think you’re living a good life?

Well, here are 6 things in life you’re lucky to have.

1. A roof over your head

You have a place where you can come back to and rest for the day. It might not be the best place in the world. The apartment might be dirty or small. The rent might be expensive.

Your living area is not desirable but at least you have a place. You don’t have to sleep on the streets where the cold can kill you. You can sleep without fear someone’s gonna steal your cardboard shelter.

Your home is where you can truly rest and recharge for the day. Even if you hate it, appreciate it. Then work your ass off to improve your living situation.

2. A job that pays

Your colleagues might be the worst humans to work with but at least you have a monthly income. If you hate your job, either suck it up and be grateful you have a job or find a better workplace.

Without a job, you’d be stress over the overdue bills that never seem to stop pilling up. Then there’s the issue of not being able to pay the rent.

You can always choose to find a better place to work.

3. Accessible healthcare

Not applicable to everyone but if you have accessible healthcare, you are living a good life. Thousands of people around the world die because no doctors are available to treat them.

In Singapore, you call an emergency ambulance and it’ll reach you in approximately 15 minutes or less.

Private clinics can be expensive but there are cheaper alternatives. Our government also made it necessary for every Singaporean to put aside some savings for future healthcare needs.

4. Drinkable water

Having drinkable water is extremely important in living a good life. Be grateful for it. It’s something that’s often overlooked because we have it in our daily lives. Not everyone has access to clean, drinkable water.

Poor water causes people to get sick and/or hinder their daily life necessities.

Imagine walking for hours just to get water. Even then, the water might not be clean enough for consumption.

5. Internet access

We are so lucky to live in a world where the Internet is highly accessible. It helps connect you with people from different parts of the world.

It has helped spread awareness about the various life-threatening issues so we can be a part of the positive change.

The Internet made learning available for everyone who has access. Skillshare and YouTube have allowed anyone to pick up any craft of their choice. You don’t need to pay thousands of dollars to learn marketing.

With Internet access, you can easily set up your online business and work your way to a better life. It used to be so hard to break into an industry but now, all you need is a laptop and Internet to start selling to the mass market.

6. A choice to walk away

Freedom is something we tend to forget. You have a choice to walk away from your toxic workplace, your soul-sucking family members, unbearable living conditions, etc.

You are one step away from making your life better.

You have the choice to leave or stay. It might be a difficult choice to leave but you can do it. If you stay, you can choose to change things and make them better.

Be a proactive player in your life.

. . .

When life gets bad, remind yourself of the good parts. If all fails, sit down in front of the mirror and tell yourself 50 things you’re grateful for.

Appreciate what you currently have and work towards a better future. Enjoy the journey to your success. And live your life to the fullest!

This post was previously published on Medium.com and is republished here with permission from the author.

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