6 Great Hairstyles For New Moms

6 Great Hairstyles For New Moms

Once you become a mother, you’ll find it hard to focus on yourself with a newborn in tow. This is when your ability to come up with time-saving hacks comes to the fore. And one of the things that need your immediate attention would be your hair. Because babies have a tendency to tug at them which not only causes extreme pain but can also be a choking hazard to babies. But, this doesn’t mean you have to either chop off your tresses entirely or look shabby. Here are 6 quick and easy hairstyles that would look great on new moms:

1. Pony It Up

Pony It Up

One of the easiest yet the most stylish hairstyle would be a ponytail. For this, as we all know, all you’ll need to do is pull your hair up and fasten it with a rubber band with a good grip. It is easy to put up and goes with any outfit. And the best part is it looks good even on a bad hair day! It is a one-size-fits-all type of hairstyle!

2. Top Knot

Top Knot

Despite all the benefits of a ponytail, not many women prefer it. Those with long hair, at times, don’t like their hair flailing behind when they walk. Some even complain of a headache due to the constant tugging that flailing hair causes. So, if you want all the benefits of a ponytail (the bad-hair day included) but without the pains that come with it, then go for a top knot. It is simple and easy. All you need to do is tie your hair in a knot little higher than usual and pin them up.

3. Bind Them With A Bandanna

Bind Them With A Bandanna

If you don’t wish to tie your hair up but still want to tame them, then a bandanna can do the trick. No matter what the length of your hair, you can simply push them back a little behind your forehead with a bandanna. You can experiment with different prints or breadths. Go for shimmery or sequined ones if you wish to add a touch of glam to your look.

4. Go Bang

Go Bang

Another hairstyle that can look good on a new mom would be to get her hair cut in bangs. Firstly, it saves the mom’s hair from falling over her face when she wants to feed her baby. The next best thing about this hairstyle then is the fact that it makes you look really different. Don’t be surprised if you stand out in the crowd each time you head out to shop for groceries with your baby!

5. Short Bob

Short Bob

Another easy yet chic hairstyle is a short bob. Bobs are stylish as well as functional. They look great on any outfit; can be styled in many ways, and yet don’t hinder your day-to-day baby duties like diaper-changing or breastfeeding. Try streaking your hair in bright colors to make your bob pop up!

6 Low Chignon Bun

Low Chignon Bun

If you don’t wish to cut your hair; color them, or even tie them up, then go with a low chignon bun. Agreed, most women prefer to do it in layers. But you can skip that part and just go for an improvised version. Simply pull your hair behind in a neat, low ponytail with a rubber band. Invert it as you do for a chignon. Roll the hair around the rubber band and pin it. And you are done! Another simple hack for this hairstyle would be to half-pass your hair through the rubber band and leave it at that instead of achieving a full ponytail.

Handling a newborn while ensuring that your hair is in place all the time can be a hair-raising task (pun intended). However, with a little creativity, you can achieve the desired results in a jiffy. For a more formal or glam look, you can use decorative rubber bands, sequined hair bands, or artificial flower tucks for these hairstyles. And you’ll be ready to rock your new-mom self!

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