50 Beautiful Family Photo Ideas

50 Beautiful Family Photo Ideas

A photograph is the best way to capture a beautiful moment. Family pictures help you cherish such beautiful moments forever. Whether it is children growing up, or parents showing their love, or the entire family at an event or a picnic, a photograph will always capture and remind you about the good times you’ve had.

While candid photography is certainly one of the best ways to capture genuine moments, a proper photoshoot can also be a great way to get all the members of the family in a single frame.

In this post, MomJunction shares with you 50 family photo ideas that can result in postcard-worthy pictures.

Outdoor Family Photoshoot Ideas

Outdoor shoots are always fun. You have several things to use as props and backdrops for any family picture. Here are a few ideas for you.

  1. Walk in the park: Natural light, natural space, and a refreshing time with family. This moment can be captured at a park or in the woods or at any other outdoor space where there is greenery. Clicked at the right time, the pictures will be no less than stunning.
Outdoor Family Photoshoot Ideas
  1. Beach fun: When a family is on the beach, everything is so exciting. And one should not miss capturing those moments. Also, you can have mixed images, some in water, and some on the land.
  1. Architecture around: A good family portrait could be one with a spectacular background. Find a monument or a museum in your city and have an excellent photoshoot with your close ones.
Architecture around
  1. City lights: Every city looks so bright and nice at night. You can stand in front of any of your favorite locations or landmark with your loved ones and get a sweet picture.
  1. Near the mountains: If you’re the family that loves going on adventure treks together, a photoshoot near the hills or the mountains can be a wonderful idea. Start clicking pictures right from the journey until the destination. These memories would serve as a lovely memory for life.
Near the mountains
  1. Swimming pool: Water time is always fun and can create a lot of happy faces. Another cool family photoshoot idea is at the pool, where you could just be swimming, or playing games, or having fun. Get an outdoor family photoshoot done in and around a swimming pool and see how happy you will be with the final pictures.
  1. Neighborhood: A family spends so many beautiful moments in the neighborhood. Why not freeze those lovely times and remember the happy times always?
  1. Playground: Do you play sports with your children? Then don’t ignore those special learning moments of your life. They may seem trivial, but when you take a closer look, they are worthy of being captured by the camera.
  1. Garden: Flowers, leaves, and natural surroundings can be refreshing and make the perfect settings for a pleasant family photoshoot. Visit a botanical garden in your city and plan a photoshoot amidst natural surroundings.
  1. Restaurant: Most families celebrate special moments such as birthdays, anniversaries, graduation, and promotions at restaurants, where a few fun and happy moments can be captured. Try clicking a few nice pictures together every time you go to a restaurant with the family, and you could find one that can be framed.

Indoor Family Shoot Ideas

A family spends most of the time at home or indoors. They laugh together, eat together, and play together, creating moments that can be captured on camera. Here, we have a few indoor setting ideas for a proper family photo shoot.

  1. Backyard: Do you often have barbeque parties or barbeque get-togethers in your backyard? Surely, you might have some moments then, which you recall again and again. Then why not try and capture them with the camera as well?
  1. Dining room: A family that eats together, stays together. Do capture your special mealtime moments and treasure them later in your life, when you miss living with your family.
  1. Bookstore or library: If you are a family of book lovers, then a photo shoot in a library or a bookstore, surrounded by books, can be a unique idea.
Bookstore or library
  1. Photo studio: If you want a big family portrait, then you can have a professional photoshoot done at the nearest photo studio. They have a variety of backdrops and settings, bright lights, and everything else to make your photoshoot a glamorous one.
  1. Relative or friend’s home: Do you have a relative or a friend who you like to hang out with most? If yes, why not take a few pics at their place? If you are family friends, then you could gather all the family members and have a photo session together.
Relative or friend’s home
  1. Cafe: Families often go out to cafes in the evenings, for a coffee or an ice cream. Those are such happy times and can be ideal for an indoor photoshoot for your family. Pick a café, grab your camera, and start capturing the special moments.
  1. Theater or museum: These places are unique and can make wonderful spaces for a family portrait. There is a charm in such places, which makes the pictures come out well.
Theater or museum
  1. Kitchen: A family cooking together would be a delight to watch. Not to forget the fun and exciting moments that are made when you cook together. You can plan an indoor photoshoot in your kitchen, baking a cake or cooking a meal.
  1. Bedroom: It is not just couples who take pictures in the bedroom. A family can have a photoshoot done in the bedrooms too, with the children jumping and the parents laughing. That and many such great moments could be good to be captured in a photograph.
  1. Patio: This is a simplistic backdrop in your home, where you can have nice pictures with your family. So, plan an indoor photo shoot in your patio while you have coffee and cupcakes, along with a big smile on your face.

Family Photo Outfit Ideas 

When someone says let’s take a picture, the first thing you check is if you’re dressed right. And if there’s a family photoshoot, then the question of ‘what to wear?’ definitely arises. Should you wear matching clothes or the same colors or some unique costumes? We have some ideas for you on that.

  1. Whites and blues: For simplistic photo portraits, the combination of white and blue looks no less than perfect. All the family members can wear white shirts or t-shirts with blue bottoms or any other dress in the color combination to look elegant.
Whites and blues
  1. Complementary colors with the background: Keep the location in mind and plan the outfits accordingly. For instance, if it is a natural location, then greens, browns, and blues would be a perfect choice. If the setting is outdoors, then bright colors would look good.
  1. Coordinated outfits: Every family member should wear something that coordinates with the other’s outfit. For instance, if one is wearing a scarf, the other can wear a sweater or similar clothing. And not something too casual. This way, there is no mismatch.
Coordinated outfits
  1. Accessories: To brighten up or highlight any family photo, you can add accessories. Hats, necklaces, belts, or scarves can be an interesting addition to any family photo.
  1. Theme-based outfits: Having a theme for a family photo can be a brilliant idea. However, every person who is going to be in the picture should stick to the theme. Some wonderful ideas can be Halloween, Christmas, western party, and country theme.
Theme-based outfits
  1. Avoid one color: Make sure that not everyone is wearing the same color from top to bottom. There should be two or more colors in the outfits. For instance, white, grey, and black is one combination. Red, white, and blue is another combination.
  1. Weather in mind: Make sure you are dressing up according to the weather. If it is winter, wear warm clothes. And if it is summer, you can wear casual clothes. That helps you be comfortable and tell when the photo was taken.
Weather in mind
  1. Comfy clothes: Outfits chosen should be comfortable as well. Otherwise, the person wearing would have discomfort on their faces. Avoid forcing the kids to wear something they do not like. Let them pick their outfits, something decent for a photograph, and pose as they like.

Prop Ideas For Photos 

Props can add a unique appeal to the pictures, while the family can have fun using them during the photo shoot. Here are some good ideas for props.

  1. Chalkboard: If you want to remember the day when the photo was being taken or write a special message for the family, you can write it down on the chalkboard and hang it in a corner.
  1. Picture frame: There are many varieties of picture frames that you may use for a family portrait. You may keep the children in the frame, and elders can stand outside. You can get as creative as you can with the frames to make the family photo memorable.
Picture frame
  1. Vehicle: A car or a bike or a bicycle in the background could add a distinctive effect to the family picture. It can be your old vehicle or a rented one.
  1. Letter prop: You can find big wooden letters, which can be used as props for the family picture. A person can hold a letter of their name. Or they can hold the letters ‘F,’ ‘A,’ ‘M,’ ‘I,’ ‘L,’ and ‘Y’ if there are enough people. You can come up with creative ideas.
Letter prop
  1. Umbrella: If it is winter or the monsoons, and you are shooting outdoors, then you can use colorful umbrellas as props. It would be a one-of-a-kind idea.
  1. Flowers: Bright flowers add a refreshing and positive touch to any family photo. Either one person can hold a bunch of flowers in hand, or all of them can hold a flower or bunch each. The photo will surely come out well.
  1. Food: Ice creams, cupcakes, and doughnuts. These can bring an instant smile to anyone’s face. And then, the family photo would be nothing but a perfect snap.
  1. Balloons and bubbles: To add a fun element to a family photo, the use of balloons and bubbles can be a good idea. This works well when there are little kids in the family.
Balloons and bubbles

Unique Family Photo Ideas

Instead of having simple portraits or capturing the candid pictures of a family get-together, you can have some unique family photographs too.

  1. Tribute to the legends: Who is your family’s favorite legend? You can dress up as that person or character or just wear t-shirts of that person and pose for a unique family picture.
  1. Family outing: Go for an adventure or have a picnic or enjoy a road trip. Take some candid pictures of your family on the go and make a family collage.
Family outing
  1. Work mode: Parents doing their work and children studying; this can be one idea of a busy family photograph. Or all the family members can dress up in one uniform of their parent’s profession. For instance, if a parent is a doctor, then everyone can dress up as doctors and nurses and get a picture.
  1. Rainy picture: Why not have a picture in which the entire family is dancing and enjoying the rain? That sounds interesting, right?
Rainy picture
  1. Sporty family: Do you all enjoy a family sport together? Then wear the jerseys of your favorite team, with your names printed on them, and get a snap.
  1. Silhouette: A family silhouette holding each other’s hands could be another unique idea for a family photograph. It could be framed and kept as a lovely memory.

Fun-filled Family Photo Ideas

Do you want a funny family photo? One that makes everyone laugh when they see it?

  1. Upside down: The elders of the family can hold the children upside down. That would be a funny snap of a family. But be careful when doing so.
  1. Funny costume and makeup: All the family members can dress up in a funny way and get a family portrait. This picture would serve as a funny memory for a lifetime.
Funny costume and makeup
  1. Giggles: The parents can be kissing, and the children can be giggling watching them. This would be a cute and funny picture of a family.
  1. One over other: The family members can stack on one another and freeze that in an image. It would be fun to see family members on one another.
One over other
  1. Teasing: A snap of the family members walking in line or marching could be an interesting photo idea. And if they tease each other while doing so, then such candid moments could turn out to be funny snaps.
  1. Silly poses and expressions: The easiest and funny family photo would be when the family members pose as they want. They can stare, make faces, dance, and do anything so that the photographer can freeze those moments for a funny family photo.
Silly poses and expressions
  1. Twisted poses: Standing not in line or a specific pattern, but in weird and twisted poses would make a funny picture of the family. Examples of such patterns could be an exclamation mark or a question mark.
  1. Superhero costumes: Family members wearing superman, batman, and other superhero costumes can pose for a family picture. That would be a fun photo idea. You could choose Marvel or DC or mix them all and have your own team of heroes.
Superhero costumes

Pick an idea that suits your family the best. No matter which theme or outfit you choose, make sure that everyone has a good time during the photo shoot. The entire event should be a relaxing and happy one, and not stressful for the family. So, pose and get as many pictures as possible clicked, and pick one or more good ones to be framed and hung on the wall.

Which is your favorite idea? Do let us know in the comments below.

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