5 Ways I Cared For My Body After Childbirth

Ways I Cared For My Body After Childbirth

Pregnancy is a time of anticipation and anxiety. These are some of the toughest months in a woman’s life, and everyone knows this much. However, new mothers like me sometimes have a hard time acknowledging the changes that come after childbirth.

While all the care in the world is given to the mother during gestation, after childbirth, the attention slowly shifts from the mother to the new-born. While I was doing everything I could to keep my baby healthy and protected, the same could not be said about my personal well-being.

Nowadays, post-pregnancy care is superficial and expensive. It is very different from how older generations used to do it. Our mothers probably went through a series of revitalizing rituals that helped their minds and bodies regain balance. I have seen people on Instagram and Facebook bounce back after pregnancy in no time. I had hoped it would be as easy for me, but the reality was far from my expectations.

It was a learning process for me, but here are the best ways I coped with the difficult changes after childbirth:

1. Take Care Of Your Body

Take Care Of Your Body

Take Care Of Your Body

It is no news that your body needs serious attention after childbirth. My family made sure that all the products I used were specialized for post-pregnancy care. It may take time for things to come back to normal, but using custom-made products will speed up the process and also uplift your spirits to an extent. One of the major issues new mothers face is stretch marks. I was lucky enough to find suitable products on time.

5 Ways I Cared For My Body After Childbirth

5 Ways I Cared For My Body After Childbirth

My friends who had gone through the same problems suggested me Stretch Mark Cream and Stretch Mark Oil from Himalaya. It worked wonders for me. In a short while, my stretch marks almost disappeared. It also helps that these are made from and enriched by natural ingredients.

2. Take Time For Yourself

Take Time For Yourself

The life of a new parent can become overwhelmingly hectic. A few weeks into the routine, I realized that there is no point tiring myself taking care of the baby. I had to be well-rested and energetic to be there for my young one. Once I started having some time to myself, I was able to handle things better than before. I got back into some of my old habits and projects, which helped me feel confident and whole again.

3. Take Care Of Your Mind

Take Care Of Your Mind

Studies suggest that a percentage of new mothers suffer from anxiety and depression (1). Sadly, there is no sufficient level of awareness about maternal mental health. Emotions and mood swings after childbirth are often not taken seriously. This could have an impact on the long term mental health of the mother and should be addressed properly. To be cautious, I reached out to specialists for support. I also researched on my own about post-partum depression. This educated me about how emotional health is as important as physical health especially for young mothers.

4. Get A Therapeutic Massage

Get A Therapeutic Massage

Get A Therapeutic Massage

There are many ways to cope with stress and anxiety. When you are a mother to an infant, you don’t have much time to spare. Perhaps, going to a spa or a masseuse is not a viable option for you. The best possible alternative I found was Himalaya Toning Massage Oil. It has multiple benefits. Not only did it tone the loose skin on my body, but it also relaxed my muscles and relieved the tension I had been holding on to without even being aware of it. 

5. Accept Your Body

Accept Your Body

Accepting my body with all its imperfections was the biggest challenge in my healing process. Once that realization settled in, it gave me great joy to remember that my scars were the signs of creation. It came along with my little bundle of joy. I had to learn to accept and cherish the sense of motherhood with its hardships and challenges because only a mother knows how precious the feeling is.

Being a mother is a personal experience. Even though the challenges are many, so are the joys.

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