5 Things Most In-Laws Expect From Their Daughter-In-Law

5 Things Most In Laws Expect From Their Daughter In Law

Marriage is not an alliance only between two people. When you marry, certain things come along with it in a package-deal sort of way. And one of them is the family of your spouse. Whether you choose to live with them after marriage or you stay independently with your husband, his family will always remain an inseparable part of your married life. In the beginning, you might find it a little difficult adjusting with them. But don’t get hassled if you are not doing too great. It’ll take some time for you to get accustomed to them. The key is to understand what they expect from you. Different people will have different expectations. Here we list some of the 5 common things that most in-laws expect from their daughter-in-law:

1. They Wish To Spend More Time With You

They Wish To Spend More Time With You

It is natural for you to feel awkward in the midst of your in-laws. You may also want to visit your parents frequently soon after marriage, which is quite understandable since you might miss them. However, if your in-laws frown upon your frequent or prolonged visits to your parents, don’t mistake them. They do so because your frequent absence will not give them enough opportunity to bond with you. They want to know you better and thus wish to spend more time with you.

2. They Expect You To Meet The Other Relatives

They Expect You To Meet The Other Relatives

Once you enter a household as a new bride, a lot of relatives from your in-laws’ side will be excited to meet you. Your in-laws too take pride in you, which is why they want to introduce you to every important member of their extended family. Agreed it can get tiring. But remember, you’ll not remain a bride forever. So instead of whining, try and enjoy the attention you get since it’ll only last until the next bride arrives in the family fold.

3. They Expect You To Appreciate Their Cuisine

They Expect You To Appreciate Their Cuisine

It’s obvious that for you, your mom is the best cook ever. It is probably the first thing you’ll miss soon after getting married. It is also possible that your in-laws’ eating habits can be completely different than yours along with the daily cuisine. You may even find it difficult to adjust to the different tastes and flavors of their cuisine. If your in-laws too insist on you to eat what they are eating, then make an honest effort to adapt to it. They don’t do it out of any ill will. On the contrary, they are looking to impress you with their cuisine and expect you to appreciate it. With time, you can even cook your favorite dishes for them. At that time, you’ll be surprised to know how much they’ll appreciate it too.

4. They Expect You To Blend In

They Expect You To Blend In

Before marriage, you might have enjoyed staying in your room, reading a book while sipping on a cup of coffee. But the role of a daughter-in-law comes with certain responsibilities. With a new member now entering their family, your in-laws will look out for your participation in family gatherings, religious rituals, or functions. They want you to take an interest in understanding the family rituals and traditions. This is because they see you as someone who’ll eventually pass them down to the next generation.

5. They Want You To Be Happy In Your Marriage

They Want You To Be Happy In Your Marriage

Yes, you read that right. You might be pleasantly surprised learning this, but your in-laws do wish to see you happy. And why not? If you are happy, their son will be happy too. Family picnics, anniversary celebrations or buying you gifts during festivals – they will do all this to ensure your happiness in their own different way. It may not be what you might expect from them, but you’ll need to understand that they hardly know you enough to do things your way.

The relationship between you and your in-laws will take time to develop. And we hope these pointers help you understand them better. But try not to compare your equation with your in-laws to the kind your friend or a sibling has with hers. Just remember that each marriage is different and so is the approach of people toward it. It’ll be more than enough to take you forward.

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