4 Tips For Teaching Your Kids About Green Living

This is a guest post by Green Coast, a renewable energy and green living blog

Passing down the green living habits to your child is one of the best ways to save the resources of the earth. Raising an eco-conscious kid will translate into an eco-conscious adult.

The world needs more and more eco-conscious adults in a safe and better future. For one to become an eco-conscious adult, you must create a lifestyle of loving and caring for the environment from childhood. Therefore, you must teach your children green living skills in their tender age.

There are numerous ways to teach your kids to care for the environment. Here are four tips for teaching your kids about green living:

1.     Expose Your Child to Nature

Exposing your child to nature can help nurture them into loving the environment. Give your kids a real experience in green living habits. Some of the eco-conscious practices include touring the backyard or going into a park or in the woods.

Instead of the child playing with toys in the house,  find time to let them play outdoors when there is fair weather. Let them go for hiking trails, fishing, and bicycle riding and even camping when possible. Such experiences will let them associate with nature and thus will learn to respect and adopt eco-friendly habits.

2.     Teach Kids Proper Waste Management And Cleaning Habits

Teaching your kids about throwing waste responsibly can help them become eco-conscious adults. Let them know the results of throwing trash irresponsibly. You can show them documentaries of how damaging the garbage and plastics thrown away into the environment end up in our water bodies and ruins the marine life.

Explain to your kids’ on the proper disposal of wastes. Your kids should know that littering is wrong. Also, they should know where to throw the different types of waste, including those that can be recycled.

3.     Train Your Children About Reusing And Recycling

 Recycling and Reusing of items helps keep our surroundings clean. Recycling helps reduce waste that goes into the environment. Train your children the need to reuse and to recycle the things that can be recycled. Let your kids learn the recycling habits from the tender age and teach them how to do it.

Teach the kids how to separate trash and items that can be put into another use. Also, let them join you when going to throw garbage and show them how to dispose of different wastes. This will allow them to adapt to this lifestyle, and it will become a way of life.

4.     Show Your Kids How To Conserve Water And Food

Conserving food and water can help preserve the environment. You should teach your children using water responsibly and conserving food in the fridge. Conserving leftovers in the refrigerator can save money. Avoid throwing away food which can be a waste of resources.

Lower the water usage and teach kids how to turn off the taps after they are done with one task in your households. You can install low-flow aerators and low-flow faucets on your taps to help reduce water wastage.


Involving children in activities that help conserve the environment is a perfect way to take care of our future. Make it your aim to teach your kids about the need to be eco-conscious as a way to save our planet.

Author Bio: Green Coast is a renewable energy and green living community focused on helping others live a better, greener life. We believe that energy and green living has become far too complex, so we created a number of different guides to build a sustainable foundation. You can follow updates on Facebook and Twitter.