4 Fun Ideas To Let Your Dog Announce Your Pregnancy

Fun Ideas To Let Your Dog Announce Your Pregnancy

Announcing the news of your pregnancy is a lot of fun. It doesn’t matter if you have waited a few weeks, months or have decided to keep it a secret till the third trimester, the reactions are priceless regardless. Expectant parents look to reveal the new by adding a creative element. And what better way to do it than through your furry little friends? You can increase the fun quotient and double the cuteness by letting your dog be a part of it. Here we give you 4 fun ways to break the big news to your friends and family.

1) Do It With A Sign Board

Do It With A Sign Board

There are many fun ways to announce your pregnancy. Clicking a picture with your canine friend and incorporating the signboard into the picture is one way to do it. You can either hang it around your dog’s neck or place it on the floor or stick it to a wall. The idea is to come up with innovate and fun ways to take your announcement to the next level.

Here are some of our favorite quotes from the signboard.

  • ‘Future Big Brother And Official Toy Tester. Baby Arrives December 23’
  • ‘Mommy Is Pregnant. Baby Due: October 5’
Mommy Is Pregnant
  • ‘I Thought I Was Your Baby. Due: 2020’
Mommy Is Pregnant2
  • ‘Word On The Street Is I Am Getting A Human’

2) Let The Feet Do The Talking

Let The Feet Do The Talking

This is one of the simplest and cutest ways to share the news of your pregnancy to the world. Along with your feet and your dog’s paw, you can either add baby shoes to the picture or draw a tiny shoe or feet. If you want to do it the traditional way and keep it more heartfelt, simply throw in a sonogram image to the picture. Because nothing says pregnant like a sonogram.

Here are some other fun ways to do it:

Let The Feet Do The Talking1
Let The Feet Do The Talking2
Let The Feet Do The Talking3

3) Say It With A Bandana

Say It With A Bandana

You will find many bandanas in the market which already have pregnancy announcements written on them. If you choose to do it with a bandana, you can keep it intimate by inviting your close friends and family or post the picture on your social media feed for the world to see. We suggest doing it the intimate way if you don’t want to miss out on the priceless expression on your friends’ faces when they see your dog come out.

Your furry baby is officially going to be the big brother or sister. If you are planning to get a specially customized bandana for the announcement, we have a few ideas for you. Here goes:

  • ‘Big Brother In Training – July 2020’
  • ‘Soon-to-be Big Brother’
  • ‘Guess What? Mom’s Pregnant’
  • ‘Promoted To Big Sister’
  • ‘Mom And Dad Are Having A Human’
  • ‘Guard Dog Duty Starts January 2020’

4) Baby Bump With Dog Photoshoot

Baby Bump With Dog Photoshoot

If you have waited till the third trimester to break the news of your pregnancy, you might be thinking of ways to surprise your close ones with the big announcement.

Your dog was your only baby until now. Now that a new baby (human) is coming into the picture, wouldn’t it be adorable to do a photoshoot with your dog and the baby bump? Add a dog into any frame, and their presence will make the picture ten times more adorable.

Here are a few pictures for some inspo for your bump photoshoot:

  • Look At Those Puppy Eyes
Look At Those Puppy Eyes
  • A Family Portrait
Family Portrait
  • I Thought I Was The Baby Of The House
Thought I Was The Baby Of The House
  • She Is One Real Kicker
She Is One Real Kicker
  • Can I Lick It?
Can I Lick It
  • Where Are My Shoes?
Where Are My Shoes

We hope you got the much-needed inspo that you were looking for. Have you decided if you want your dog to spread the news of your pregnancy? Let us know in the comments.

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