3 Things Every New Mommy Must-Have

3 Things Every New Mommy Must-Have

Being a new mother attracts a trail of advice from almost everyone you know. While everyone is quick to throw in their two cents, most of them fail to mention the key details that can really make your life easier. It is common sense that you need certain items in your new-mom survival kit. Everyone knows that you need moisturizer, baby wash, baby shampoo, laundry wash, and so on, specifically designed for babies. You might also need a stretch mark cream, or soothing body wash for self-care amidst the busyness of being a new mother. But in a market populated with so many types of each product, how do we choose one? We are here to mention the three most essential products that you shouldn’t miss as a new mother.

1. Baby Lotion

Baby Lotion

While choosing a baby lotion, it is better to go for a product specially designed to moisturize the delicate, soft skin of babies. Take extra care that the products that you use do not harm the baby instead of protecting their skin. The Himalaya Baby Lotion is made from natural ingredients like almond oil and olive oil, the best natural ingredients that will soothe, protect, and moisturize the baby’s skin.

2. Stretch Mark Cream And Oil

Stretch Mark Cream And Oil

The life of a new mother can be wrought with worries. We usually worry about keeping our baby healthy and protected. Occasionally, when we manage to steal a minute or two to ourselves, we worry about our bodies that we struggle to identify with. We move heaven and earth to bring the right kind of care for our babies while our own well-being takes a back seat.

This is why Himalaya has a range of products specifically designed for mothers. The range that includes a variety of products, such as Toning Massage Oil and Soothing Body Butter Cream, focuses on bringing care to mothers using natural ingredients that will soothe the nerves and muscles of a young mother. The most common problem that new moms struggle with is stretch marks. Himalaya Stretch Mark Cream and Himalaya Stretch Mark Oil leverage the healing properties of natural ingredients like Centella, Shea, and Kokum to get rid of stretch marks on the mother’s body.

3. Baby Massage Oil

Baby Massage Oil

In the blink of an eye, your baby will become a toddler, and in a matter of months, they will be walking and talking their way into the world. While we give everything we can to ensure proper growth and development of our baby, there is a traditional technique that we are at the risk of forgetting. Earlier, the midwife or the grandmother would take time to massage the baby’s body to bring it to good health and the right kind of growth. In those days, bathing the baby was an elaborate practice that required expertise. Though we no longer have that luxury, we can still take the time to give the baby a gentle massage every once in a while. During infancy, touch is essential for the healthy emotional and mental development of babies. A massage from the mother is, therefore, good for physical as well as the psychological development of the baby.

Rather than using any ordinary oil, or the harsh ones we use on our adult bodies, go for something more suitable for the delicate features of babies. The Himalaya Baby Massage Oil is something to keep in mind the next time you go shopping. Made from natural ingredients, it contains the goodness of olive oil, and the rejuvenating properties of Winter Cherry, known to us as Ashwagandha. It is free from chemicals and can be used for massaging before baths and also as a moisturizer afterward.

There are a million things that demand a young mother’s attention. While juggling with the responsibilities of career and being a young mother, it is crucial to keep a balance between taking care of your baby’s needs and your own. Counting on the right products, such as Himalaya for Moms and Himalaya Baby Care, can make a huge difference in how you do that.

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