3 Earring Backs to Get You the Most Mileage Out of Your Favorite Studs, Hoops and Drop Earrings

Earring backs are tiny and don’t require much force to slip off or get accidentally lost. Decided to quickly change into a new pull-over sweater? “Brushed” your ear while styling your hair? You might have knocked out an earring back in the process.

They’re also easy to lose track of even when you’re not wearing them. You swore you left them on your vanity or nightstand over night, and alas, it’s possible they’re on the floor, not to be found until months later.

But losing an earring back doesn’t mean retiring a pair of earrings for good. These three packets of earring backs make for excellent replacements depending on your preferred earring styles. See our picks below.

Containing 200 pieces, this set is a great deal if you’re prone to misplacing earring backs. They’re versatile, and able to secure fish hook earrings and studs too.

These earring backs don’t just help secure jewelry to the ear, they also offer an additional benefit—they prevent heavier post back earrings, which can stretch your earlobes and cause pain, from drooping and sagging throughout the day. Each pack comes with three pairs of adjustable earring backs—in rose gold, silver and gold hardware—so matching them to your existing jewelry is a cinch.

For a classier-looking alternative to plastic earring backs, use these, designed for studs. They’re made out of 14k gold, and, at 5.0mm, fit on most standard posts. Match them with gold earrings or pair with a different metal, like silver or rose gold, for statement-making contrast.