21 Hilarious Truths About The Third Trimester

21 Hilarious Truths About The Third Trimester

Being pregnant has been quite a journey. Well, it’s been more like a rollercoaster ride, physically and emotionally. It has suddenly dawned on me that my baby is going to be here soon, and the 9 months is going to come to an end. Phew, can’t believe I made it this far. It’s been pretty exciting and unreal. There were some great and not so great moments. And then there were times which had me laughing my a** off. If you ask me how my journey has been, I don’t think I would be able to sum it up in one word. It’s a mix of emotions, and there are days when you feel one emotion more than the other. Looking back, there were several things I didn’t read in baby books and had to experience on my own. So here goes, I’m putting down 21 hilarious truths about the third trimester.

1. The Horror Of Picking Something Up

The Horror Of Picking Something Up

Pregnancy has made me clumsy. At least that’s what I like to believe while the husband disagrees. And god forbid, if I drop something on the floor. 20 minutes gone right there.

2. Tying My Shoes

Tying My Shoes

I ditched my heels for sneakers and flats. Reason? For comfort. But it seems like there’s no greater struggle than tying your shoelaces while being fully pregnant.

3. Oh, The Starvation Is Real

One minute I’m completely satisfied and full, and the next minute I’m wreaking havoc because I’m craving something strange.

4. Please Touch My Belly

Please Touch My Belly

Whenever my husband touches my belly and gives me a smile, I feel calm and peaceful. But this wasn’t the case in my second trimester when I didn’t like anyone touching my belly. Pregnancy makes you feel all sorts of stuff, I tell you.

5. Baby Love

Whenever I see a baby, I cannot hold myself back. I want to take them in my arms, squish them, and plant tons of kisses everywhere. Creep Alert? Maybe!

6. The Strange Outie

The Strange Outie

My husband made a bet that my belly button would reverse from an innie to an outie. Now I owe him $5.

7. Driving Addiction


Since becoming pregnant, I have outgrown my fear of driving and love going for a ride whenever I can. I feel powerful and in control when I have my hands on the steering wheel.

8. The Little Wrestler

The third trimester has been a real challenge physically when my little one started rolling the punches and squishing my bladder.

9. Someone, Please Hold Me

Someone, Please Hold Me

“Are you sure it is not twins?” Yes, I forgot to take an ultrasound. Maybe I should check with my doctor again since you seem like the expert.

10. Finding Loo

Wherever I go I’m constantly on the lookout for the nearest loo because my bladder seems to have a mind of her own.

11. When Your Maternity Clothes Plays A Cruel Joke

When Your Maternity Clothes Plays A Cruel Joke

It feels like my body isn’t going to stop growing. The top I wore yesterday won’t fit me today.

12. Skirts Over Trousers

Skirts Over Trousers

It’s always going to be skirts over trousers because I’d rather spend my time eating than contemplating trousers.

13. Food Handbag

My handbag has found a whole new purpose now. It is only used to store snacks, candies, and sandwiches.

14. Grooming Down There

Grooming Down There

It’s a bit tough to tidy up down there when you are fully pregnant.

15. We Need More People Like You

The instant love I feel when someone respects my space and says my bump looks beautiful, rather than enquiring if I’m having twins.

16. The Elaborate Pillows You Need

The Elaborate Pillows You Need

Getting comfy in bed is not easy for me. It takes at least a dozens of pillows and cushions, and about 20 minutes to get settled in for sleep.

17. Feeling Out Of Breath

Climbing a flight of stairs and feeling like I’ve just ran a 10 km marathon.

18. Constantly Feeling Bloated

And it happens when all I had is a glass of water.

19. When The Waterworks Refuse To Stop

When The Waterworks Refuse To Stop

Whether it is watching a new baby or mom or even a baby commercial, once the floodgates open there’s no going back.

20. Heartburn

Even when my nausea subsided, heartburn decided to give me company all the way till my third trimester.

21. No Jokes, Please

No Jokes, Please

There should be a sign that says ‘no jokes around a pregnant woman.’ It could save me the embarrassment of peeing every time I laugh.

I’m sure I’m not the only one with these embarrassing and hilarious preggo moments. Do any of these truth bombs sound surprising or familiar to you? Let us know in the comments below.

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