20 Posts About People Handling the Coronavirus That Will Give You So Much Hope

With more than 1,500 confirmed cases―and counting―of the new coronavirus across the US, it’s easy to let panic get the best of you. No one knows how bad things will get, or if the preventive measures we’re taking will be enough.

However, it isn’t all doom and gloom. People are showing that they really do care about one another by doing whatever they can to help.

Take, for instance, this tweet by Matt Pearce, national correspondent for the Los Angeles Times.

Matt’s not the only one talking about the importance of social distancing, even for the young and healthy.

Some individuals are going a step further by doing incredibly good deeds, like Shea Serrano, an author and journalist.

There are plenty of examples where that came from, including people offering to run errands for the more vulnerable, or just reminding their followers to stay connected and check on their elderly neighbors.

What else might restore your faith in humanity? A store is giving out free “coronavirus kits,” a business is offering to help schools with the transition to online learning, a community is thanking sanitation workers with Facebook fundraisers and a medical team from China flew to Italy to lend their expertise.

Look at these posts about a congressional representative fighting to curtail the spread of the coronavirus in the US, a survivor detailing her symptoms to help people self-diagnose, and this story of a 98-year-old woman who fought the virus and won!

There’s even a tweet about the “bright side” of all this chaos.

If none of that is enough, watch this coronavirus “fact check” video on TikTok.

Below is a meme about the future of office meetings, and a tweet with a hilarious movie reference.

The coronavirus is serious, but sometimes humor is the best weapon we have. Just ask animator Rebecca Parham, who tweeted about it.

Or talk to these doctors:

Together, we can get through this.