13 Brilliant Pregnant Halloween Costumes For You And Your Baby Bump

Brilliant Pregnant Halloween Costumes

It’s that time of the year again where you can get spooky without anyone judging you. But this time it’s different. You have to come up with a look that accommodates your baby bump as well. If you want a cute look or bring your freak out, your baby bump is going to be the perfect prop that you needed all this while. If you have been struggling for your 2019 Halloween look, here are 13 ways you can get creative with your baby bump.

1) Pumpkin Fun

Pumpkin Fun

You don’t need a pumpkin when you have a melon-shaped belly. Simply draw a hilarious cat on it and you’ve still got the chance to win ‘best dressed’ in this simple outfit.

2) It’s A Boy!

A Boy

Conquer your C-section jitters by dressing your husband as the doctor who does the cesarean for you. You are going to need scrubs, a baby doll, and red paint to create this look. And we say its worth the effort. And we are sure you are going to love every second of it. Also giving the kids in your neighborhood a little biology lesson isn’t such a bad idea.

3) Momma Avocado

Momma Avocado

This couple made the most of their pregnancy by dressing up as avocados, the pregnant belly being the pit of the avocado. This Halloween costume is both hilarious and adorable to look at.

4) Bun In The Oven

We all are familiar with the pregnancy idiom ‘bun in the oven.’ All you need for this is a cardboard cutout with your belly and a bun.

5) Into The Space

This pregnant momma dressed up her son as an astronaut and her belly as the world. Now we know what people mean when they say ‘my baby is my world.’

6) Pumpkin Smuggler

Pumpkin Smuggler

If you are too lazy to dress up for Halloween, here’s an idea. Simply throw on this maternity T-shirt that is perfect for Halloween.

7) Anyone Ordered A Sunny Side Up?

Anyone Ordered A Sunny Side

Who would have thought such a simple idea would end up looking so good? No need to scramble for Halloween costume ideas with this one. This couple who dressed as sunny-side-up eggs and bread are sure to make you drool.

8) The Astronaut & The Solar System

This woman dressed her pregnant belly as the solar system with the sun in the center. And the husband dressed as NASA astronaut makes us wonder if he has explored it already.

9) Mama Bear

Mama Bear

Bring out your freaky side this Halloween by hanging a cardboard around your neck that says Mama Bear and cutting out holes and sewing an old teddy bear stuffed toy to your T-shirt.

10) Mama Bird Nesting

Mama Bird Nesting

Disguise your belly as the egg and be the fiercely protective mama bird in this all-black outfit.

11) The Skeleton Family

The Skeleton Family

Just throw on this skeleton tee which features a baby skeleton inside your belly. There are many variations of the skeleton T-shirt that you will be able to find online.

12) The Pregnant Duo

The Pregnant Duo

Your belly is under construction. So it’s better to hold up a ‘caution’ warning sign for your belly. And if you are a fan of Handmaid’s Tale, what better way to dress up than as an expectant handmaid? Wearing a long red dress with a white cap will do the trick.

13) ‘I Am Short, Fat, And Proud Of That’

Proud Of That

You already have the belly for it, so what are you waiting for? Dress up as Winnie The Pooh this Halloween and munch on honey candies all day!

Turn your spook on this Halloween with our crazy ideas. Have you decided on your costume yet? Let us know in the comment section below.

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