12 Memory Making Family Christmas Traditions To Start In 2020

12 Memory Making Family Christmas Traditions To Start In 2020

When we grow up, what do you think we’ll remember the most? It is the sweet memories of our childhood, isn’t it? And of all those memories, it is the Christmas traditions that we follow in a family that remain etched in our memories, to the extent that we carry it forward to the future generations. Why? Because these lovely traditions help bring the families closer and make them happier. So, here are 10 memory-making family traditions that you can start for your 2020 Christmas.

1. Start The Decorations Early

Start The Decorations Early

Often people start shopping for Christmas decorations after mid-December. You might be too late to do it this year, but in 2020, start the decorations from the 1st of December. This way, your family will enjoy the festive mood for a longer time.

2. Compile A Playlist

Compile A Playlist

Start compiling a list of the most popular songs of the year 2020 and create your own playlist for Christmas. This way you’ll not fall short of ideas at the last minute.

3. Create Greeting Cards

Create Greeting Cards

In this day and age of social media, the old world charm of greeting cards can light up anyone’s Christmas. Make your children create Christmas cards by drawing or painting them.

4. Plan A Vacation

Plan A Vacation

In 2020, try gifting your children a vacation than the usual gifts. What can be more priceless than some happy memories?

5. Dedicate A Box For The Less Privileged

Dedicate A Box For The Less Privileged

Your kids will easily outgrow several of their clothes and toys throughout the year. Place a box where you can store such stuff. Donate them for the less privileged well before Christmas so they can enjoy them in time.

6. Come Up With New Christmas Cookie Ideas

Come Up With New Christmas Cookie Ideas

Discover new Christmas cookie recipes. Practice them whenever you can throughout the year so you can bake the perfect cookies for Christmas.

7. Make Kids Write Letters

Make Kids Write Letters

Kids love to write letters to Santa. So, why not make them do it each time they behave well throughout the year. On Christmas, put all the letters together in the stockings!

8. Watch A Christmas Movie With The Family

Watch A Christmas Movie With The Family

One of the weekends before Christmas, you can set the festive mood in motion by planning a movie night at home. Get some homemade popcorns and maybe cheat diet that day to indulge in a pizza. The kids will love it!

9. Play Family Games With Your Kids

Play Family Games With Your Kids

When was the last time you played Snakes & Ladders, Monopoly, or even Scrabble with your kids? Christmas weekends are the perfect time to indulge in some fun board games with your kids. This way they’ll discover new games over those they play on mobile phones and other electronic gadgets.

10. Spend Some Couple Time

Spend Some Couple Time

Once you have kids, spending some quality time with your spouse would be few and far between. Plan a movie night at home with your partner after making sure you’ve put the kids to sleep. And yes, don’t worry about staying up too late at night. You guys deserve it after all!

11. Christmas Breakfast

Christmas Breakfast

Think Christmas, and everyone is bound to imagine a gorgeous dinner layout. However, you can create a memorable Christmas morning breakfast for your family. Ditch your regular menu and go for everything that your kids would love. Hot chocolate, blueberry muffins, scrambled eggs, potato wedges, and whatnot! Your kids will soon love to wake up early for every Christmas!

12. Family Photo Tradition

Family Photo Tradition

For your 2020 Christmas, ditch the selfies and the camera phones. Instead, dress in your finest and take your family to a studio and get a family picture clicked in an old fashioned way. It’s a memory that your kids will treasure forever!

Christmas is a time of joy and happiness. But this need not be a year-end tradition. You can include your own memory-making tradition so that your children will not only enjoy it for that year but also for many more years to come.

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