12 Baby Names With Fantastic Nicknames

Baby Names With Fantastic Nicknames

Choosing a name is hard enough. But have you ever thought if the shortened version of your chosen moniker would make a great nickname as well? There are parents who choose a completely different nickname for their kid, and you might be one of them. But when they go off to school, their friends will come up with a shortened version of the name. So, now your kid ends up with three names. And if you hate the nickname that your kid’s friends have come up with, you might want to rethink some aspects. Choose a name that will sound sweet and fantastic even if you shorten it. It’s that simple. So, it’s time to think long and hard before you zero in on a name. Just kidding! Here, we bring you 12 such names with cute and unique nicknames. You can choose one among our picks or be inspired by it to come up with your own.

12. Amelia


Amelia is a Latin name which is derived from the German version called Amala. The shortened version of this name Amal means work. Do not confuse this name with Emilia though. They are two different names which hold different meanings. Amelia has the potential of several cute short nicknames. Here are a few – Millie, Mila, Mills, Am, Amy.

11. Virat


Virat is an Indian name for a baby boy. Virat means very big or giant proportioned. The ace cricketer Virat Kohli who is considered as a top batsman of the world has played a role in popularising this name worldwide. Virat is a short cute name that doesn’t really require a nickname. But you won’t be disappointed if your son’s friends start calling him Veer, which means brave.

10. Christopher


Christopher is an English name which is derived from the Greek. It means Christ-bearer. Its diminutives are Chris, Chip, Kester, etc.

9. Rebecca


Rebecca is a Hebrew name which means join, snare, tie. It is the name of Isaac’s wife and also Esau and Jacob’s mother in the Old Testament. It is a popular name since the 17th century. Becky is a fantastic nickname for Rebecca.

8. Edward


Edward has been a staple name in the US for a very long time now. It was even being used as a girl’s name for a while. But that trend didn’t take off very well. Edward means wealthy guard. Edward was also the name of some English and many Anglo Saxon kings. If you are naming your son Edward, you can also call him Ed, Eddy, Ned, Ted, and Teddy. Our personal favorite is Ned.

7. Krishna


Krishna is a Hindu god who is believed to be reincarnated Lord Vishnu. Krishna is a unisex name which goes equally well for a boy or a girl. The diminutive for Krishna is Krish. If you ask us, Krish sounds even cooler.

6. Gabriel


Gabriel translates to “God is my strength.”It is a Hebrew name which has a pretty cool nickname that can stand on its own – Gabe. Now, this is a classic pick.

5. Aditya


Aditya is a Sanskrit name and also another name of the Sun God, Surya. It is also the name of one of the seven gods in Hindu mythology. If Aditya is too big for you to pronounce, you can call him Adi. Perfect, isn’t it?

4. Evelyn


Evelyn is a name that has several meanings – give life, desired, light, companionship, peace, and harmony. It is an English name which was originally a surname. The shortened versions include Eve, Ava, Eva, Lynn, Evie.

3. Anushka


Anushka is an Indian, Russian, and Sanskrit name. It means flower, grace, and favor. The origin of this name comes from Hebrew. The diminutives for this name are Anu and Nush.

2. Devarsh


Devarsh is an Indian name for a baby boy. It means gift of God which is an apt meaning for your bundle of joy. Dev would be a perfect nickname for this name.

1. Ashley


Ashley is an English name which was originally a surname. It means ash tree meadow. It is a unisex name, though originally it was a boy’s name. The diminutives include Ash and Ashie.

What did you think of our list of baby names? Did you find a favorite name? Let us know in the comment section below.

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