11 Little Things Every Size Company Can Afford to Make Their Mom Employees Feel Valued

Too many employers expect employees to be on call 24/7, with emails and texts continuing outside the office. While this might be the new normal for some, it’s tough to attract and retain a dedicated workforce without incorporating family-friendly policies. With Mom still claiming a majority of the responsibility for the household and kids, it is even more important for employers to ensure they are providing the types of support she needs to be productive at work and home, lest they lose an important sector of the workplace population. After all, 83% of Millennials report they would leave their current job for one that offered better family-friendly benefits (Care.com Better Results Study, August 2015.)

Thankfully, the working parent landscape is shifting. Below is a list of mom-friendly policies and benefits that startups looking to stay on trend should consider implementing. These policies serve as tangible proof that companies want to support working women and truly care about their employees. Whether or not an employee is a parent themselves, such policies set a positive tone, benefit recruiting efforts, and have been shown to increase retention rates for both parents and non-parents alike. They’re all of little to no cost, but are a win-win for everyone involved, whether you’re drinking from your coffee cup or a sippy cup.

Debi Yadegari is the founder and CEO of MommaWork, a management consulting company that partners with employers to provide working parent support. They offer corporate lactation support services, new parent transition coaching, hospital grade breast pump rentals, manager sensitivity training, and legal and HR compliance.