11 Christmas Baby Name Ideas

Christmas Baby Name Ideas

The holiday season is upon us, and amongst all the cheer, many of us are expecting our bundles of joy to arrive. Having a baby born in the month of December is the best present a parent can receive. In fact, many parents opt to name their baby something related to the season. If you’re one of those parents, then you’re in luck. We’re here to give you names that work perfectly if your baby is a Christmas baby. These names are a perfect blend of religious and festive essence. Not just are they great names but they also go perfectly with the holiday season.

1. Holly


This is a classic name. It comes from the holly bush, which people often use to decorate their homes during Christmas time. It’s cheerful, fun, and perfectly encapsulates the holiday season. It truly is an evergreen name and will never go out of style.

2. Ivy


This name is taken from the green climbing plant that often grows alongside houses and walls. It means faithfulness and is an English name. Full of character, this name is perfect for your baby girl if she is born during the Christmas month.

3. Angel


This name is a classic, and you can’t go wrong with it. It is feminine, beautiful, and religious. There are several variants, such as Angelina or Angie, that you could alternatively opt for. The name means divine messenger and is a popular name for baby girls born during this festive time.

4. Eve


This delicate name stems from the name of the first woman. It is a popular name with multiple variants such as Ava and Evie. It has recently started gaining a lot of popularity and looks like it is slowly becoming more and more popular.

5. Faith


This religious name is truly evergreen. It means total trust in God and is meaningful and festive. It’s positive and warm, just like Christmas. It can alternatively even be used as a middle name.

6. Clara


Derived from the Christmas classic The Nutcracker, this name has always been a favorite. It has a lovely vintage touch to it, which makes it sound even more regal. It means bright. It is a hopeful and positive name for your baby girl, especially if she is born around Christmas time.

7. Merry


You know how, when you hold your baby, you feel immense joy? Well then name it something that is as joyful. Merry is a happy name that is perfect if your baby is born during the Christmas month and perfectly celebrates the arrival of your precious little one.

8. Noelle


This name is derived from the French word for Christmas. It has a fanciful yet rustic touch to it and is both youthful and festive. The best part of it is it can be used to name both baby boys and baby girls.

9. Aster


This name means star and is a reference to the star that guided the wise men to baby Jesus. It is imperative to the Christmas story. The name is lively and energetic and becoming increasingly popular.

10. North


This name was unheard of till very recently when Kim Kardashian chose it to name the first of her offsprings. We agree at first, we were quite hesitant about the name, but we can’t deny that it has now grown on us, and we find it quite appealing. The name makes you think about the north star, which is often tied to the Christmas story. It is the perfect blend of modern and rustic.

11. Mary


This name is religious and festive. Mary was the mother of Jesus, and the one God chose to carry him and give birth to. A woman of faith, this name is perfect for baby girls born during the month and has always been a classic.

We hope you found this list helpful. We know that when it comes to naming children, a lot of thought has to be put into it and hope this list has helped you out with that.

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