10 Ways to Make Long Distance Dating Work

Many people are no longer staying local when they are looking for love. They are expanding their horizons to find people throughout the country, and sometimes, even throughout the world. Because of this, long-distance dating has become a hot topic. It can work when you have the right tools and knowledge.

1) Communicate at the Right Intervals

There is such a thing as too much communication in a long-distance relationship. Neither of you wants to come off as clingy or possessive in your relationship. While you want to talk regularly, you do not want your communication to feel like either of you are spamming the other with calls, messages, and photos.

As you continue to communicate, you will usually get into a groove. You will learn each other’s schedules and determine how often each of you likes to communicate. Just be patient with each other as you are working to find a good communication schedule.

2) Set Ground Rules

Long-distance dating is no different than traditional dating when it comes to boundaries. You each have boundaries and you need to be clear about them. This is a discussion you should have early on once you decide that you want to keep communicating with each other and eventually plan a meetup.

3) Communicate Creatively

Since you will not see each other in person often, you have to get creative with your communication. There are dozens of apps that allow you to do things like sending photos with messages or make short videos. Use a variety of apps and other technology to help to keep each other updated on what is going on in each of your lives.

4) Do Things Together

Just because there is a distance between you does not mean that you cannot do things together. Thanks to technology, it is easy to do things like create art, watch movies or even dance with each other. Using something like video software, it is almost like the two of you are in the same room with each other.

About once a week, plan a date night where you will do something together. For example, dinner and a movie on a Friday using video software so that you can see and talk to each other face to face. Make sure that once you plan a date night that nothing short of an emergency interferes with it.

5) Plan Some Visits

One of the most exciting parts of a long-distance relationship is planning some visits with each other. You have to commit to seeing each other at least every couple of months to build intimacy in your relationship.

You should make at least two of the visits to each other’s homes so that you can both get to know the areas where you each live. The other visits that you make throughout the year can be anywhere the two of you want to spend time together. Consider planning some adventures that the two of you can share to make some memories that will last until the next time you can plan a visit.

6) Discuss Your Relationship Goals

Every good guide to long-distance dating will tell you that you should both be upfront regarding what you want to get out of your relationship. If you are both seeking out a life partner, be clear about this. On the other hand, if you are both just looking to get to know people, this too should be clear.

It is important that you are both on the same page. If your goals for your relationship are drastically different, this will eventually cause a rift in your partnership and could potentially ruin something good.

7) Enjoy Some Time Alone

To be successful in a relationship, you have to be comfortable being alone too. This is a major benefit to long-distance relationships because alone time is automatic. Make sure that you spend time with your friends and family when you can and find ways to enjoy just being with yourself.

It is a good idea to get some hobbies. This can also give you something to talk about with each other when you have time to communicate. Do not forget that while you are doing these things alone, you can still share them with your partner when you talk or have time to meet up with each other.

8) Familiarize Yourself with Each Other’s Schedules

Since you are apart, it can be harder to remember what you are each doing on any given day. Consider something like a shared calendar app so that you can both input your schedule. This makes it easier to know when you both have time to talk to each other.

When you know each other’s schedules this also prevents any issues with getting interrupted during things like an important meeting or much-needed sleep after a long day. Just make sure that you consider time zone differences if you are in different regions.

9) Utilize Social Media

Social media is a place where people share their daily lives. On days where the two of you cannot talk, you can check each other’s social media to see what is happening on that day. Make a commitment to each other that you will update your social media accounts at least once a day for this purpose.

On social media, you can also make your relationship known. This may help to solidify that you are in a partnership despite the fact that there is a distance between the two of you. Access to each other’s social media accounts can also help to facilitate trust in your relationship.

10) Use Snail Mail

Handwritten letters are more intimate than text messages and email. While these are more efficient and the best way to communicate quickly, sending each other the occasional letter via snail mail can help you both to get deeper into your relationship.

You can also send each other small gifts. Consider things from your local areas so that you both can learn more about where you each come from.

If you are in a long-distance relationship, get creative to keep things fun. Use this information and make sure that you communicate with your partner frequently. As long-distance dating continues to become more popular, it will surely be something more people can accomplish.

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