10 Ways to Decorate Your Home With Indoor Plants

House plants add suave and elegance to any home. They are great for creating an unorthodox and pleasantly warm ambience. Plants remove toxins from air and can increase the oxygen levels in your home.

However, it is always too difficult to choose the appropriate house plant, right? Raise your hand if you ever struggled to choose an indoor plant for your home! Now, put your hand down because we have listed ten incredible ways to decorate your home with indoor plants so you never have to struggle to find the right plant again!

  1. Choose Plants That Look Unique

With indoor plants trending these days, almost everyone has a cute little plant somewhere in their home. How can you make your house plant stand out?

It’s simple; choose a plant that looks unique. If you want to ‘wow’ your next dinner guests, invest in Fiddle leaf fig plants. Their exquisite violin-shaped leaves give a dramatic touch to your home decor. Fiddle leaf figs are distinctive in their features and can grow up to 50 feet tall. They do not require much maintenance, which makes it perfect for those who normally struggle to keep a houseplant alive.

Pro-tip: Fiddle leaf figs are sensitive to both over-watering and under-watering. So, water sparingly.

  1. Add A Pop Of Color To Your House Plant

Honestly, I’ll never understand why people only buy green plants?

Unless you want a rainforest, add some color to your house plants. If your home is not too big, get medium sized plants, like anthuriums. They are popular for its constant blooms and vibrant colors. Anthuriums are great for achromatic living rooms, because their striking, waxy red flowers give the right amount of pop that your home needs.

Oxalis are also great for their bold lavender flowers. However, it requires multiple hours of direct sunlight, so placing it near the windows will be a good idea.

Pro-tip: Place these plants in lightly-colored pots to create a more noticeable appeal.

  1. Always Pick A Theme

The key to a good home décor is choosing a theme. First, decide what kind of vibe you want. Do you want your plants to be the focal point of your home décor? Or do you want just enough plants to catch the light of a beautiful presentation?

Always remember two key aspects of using indoor plants for home décor: the plants shouldn’t have an overwhelming demeanor, and they must compliment the other furnishings in your home instead of turning your home into a greenhouse.

Swiss cheese plants can create a stunning tropical look with its large leaves, making a great statement piece to any interior.

  1. Want No Fuss? Choose A Cactus!

If you are someone who wants to create that “plant-lover” aura while looking for something low-maintenance, buy a cactus.

It is quite difficult to go wrong with a cactus. If you want your cactus to stand out from the regular cactus, get a bunny ear cactus for that iconic yet rustic look.

Simply place your plant somewhere with access to sunlight, and you are all set in giving your home an abstract look.

  1. It All Comes Down to Aesthetics

A home is always incomplete without an enchanting aura. This is why you need to know which plants will look good with your furniture or wall paint, creating a sublime atmosphere.

Plants like the peace lily create an artful appearance for your home. Although it may be challenging to keep this particular plant alive, with the right kind of care, peace lilies are a great addition to any home.

Pro-tip: Peace lilies need reliable drainage and indirect sunlight. Water only when you see a bit of drooping in the leaves.

  1. Minimalist Décor Never Goes Wrong

Simplicity is essential in designing a home, and what speaks simplicity more than succulents? Cute and small, yet sophisticated.

Succulents like silver dollar plants can create fascinating arrangements. Jade plants also look great with their unique bush-like structures. There are a variety of succulents available to compliment your décor needs and are perfect for even a novice green thumb to keep alive.

  1. Is Your Houseplant Too Big?

For big houses, plants can act as a great statement piece. Plants like giant white birds of paradise are incredible additions to make an impression in any living room setting. If you’re looking for a background for your next Instagram picture, these 20 feet tall beauties are perfect for a classy and urban look.

If your house is not big enough, you shouldn’t buy big plants because it will look clumsy.

Pro-tip: While looking for a plant, always choose a plant that is two sizes smaller than the available space.

  1. Climbers Add A Stylish Look

Always wanted to create an unruly, yet contemporary look to your home décor? Go for vines.

Although vines can grow to be impossibly long, these climbers can be made to grow in any direction you want them to. Want to know the best part? They are nearly impossible to kill.

If you’re looking for a plant for low or indirect light conditions, vines like pothos plants can add the right amount of elegance and style to your home.

  1. Basic Plants For Extraordinary Impression

Not a plant enthusiast? Just opt for the basics.

Money plants, ferns, lucky bamboo plants, and bonsai are all easy to grow and are very popular indoor plants.

Due to their popularity, most people know about them, and no one will ever ask you questions in the fear of looking stupid. These plants thrive on minimal light, are easy to grow, and often act as air purifiers. Water when dry, and you’ll be good.

  1. Placement Is Key

Finally, none of the tips above will work unless you don’t know where to place your plant. Remember to focus on the minimalist approach while placing your plants. Small plants are great for bedside tables, shelves, or as table tops.

Depending on the amount of space you have in your living room, choose between a medium to large sized plant. They usually go next to sofas or windows with exposure to sunlight. Keep in mind that your plant must compliment your furniture.

Pro-tip: Choose earthy and sophisticated pots for your plants to create an ultramodern and upscale look.


Besides being popular for home décor, the houseplants listed in this article are also great gifts for friends who have trouble with other plants.

Go get a plant today to add an effective accent to your interior and get creative with a decorative planter to make an even bigger impression.