10 Tips from Homeschooling Moms That Will Totally Reassure You

As if working moms didn’t have enough on our plates, many of us are now homeschooling our kids while working from home, as the new coronavirus pandemic continues to wreak havoc across the globe.

If eight hours of teaching plus eight hours of work sounds impossible, that’s because it is. Take it from the homeschooling moms of Twitter, who are sharing their best advice for staying sane. The good news is learning doesn’t have to happen in a formal, regimented, fully packed day.

Here are some of their tips that will totally reassure you that you’re doing a great job, even if your kiddos are only getting small slices of guided education.

Feel free to watch a movie.

Gardening is totally PE.

Learn with them. Or don’t.

Don’t try to recreate school.

Set a schedule that works for you.

It can be a very light schedule.

Let your kids sleep in. It’s good for them.

There’s educational value in almost everything.

Remember, even regular school days don’t include 8 hours of active instruction.

Games and toys are totally learning activities.