10 Signs That Your Parenting Is on Track

I am dedicating this month to a practice of gratitude to strengthen the love and kindness I have toward myself, including my parenting skills. And I want you to do the same. You’re worth it!

It’s easy to feel down on ourselves when we’re knee-deep in a messy house and in the middle of an argument with a 5-year-old about who is and isn’t the boss of this family. But, really, you are an amazing parent! I know you are because you wouldn’t be reading this article if you weren’t. Well done!

In keeping with my gratitude practice, here’s a hilarious list of ways I know that I am killing it at being a parent. Chances are you’ve had some of these ah-hah moments yourself:

  1. Upon leaving your in-law’s house, both you and your child are stunned and grateful that your kid/parent doesn’t treat you like THAT.
  2. Your child spontaneously chants protest slogans for fun. “Hey-hey, ho-HO. Fossil fuels have got to go!”
  3. When your kid falls and scrapes their hands and knees on the sidewalk, they insist on awkwardly hugging you around the middle for the entire 15-minute walk home, because you are their safe place.
  4. Your child comes and finds you to apologize after blowing up and saying that if you don’t do what they say they’re going to take away all of your jewelry-making supplies.
  5. You’ve had at least one heart-to-heart talk with your kid about how hard it was for you as a child. Bonus points if you cry a little bit and they make fun of you for it and hug you anyway.
  6. Your child has made so many “art projects” out of upcycled cardboard boxes that you feel you may be crushed under the weight of them.
  7. When you explain that ants are people, too, with families of their own, your child starts making reassuring cooing noises in the direction of the ant-hill they just scraped into oblivion.
  8. You frequently find that the cup holders in your car are unusable because they are stuffed with leaves, rocks, pinecones, and interesting feathers.
  9. Your child would rather stay at home with you than be anywhere or do anything else. (This, of course, has its downsides, like when you need to go out for groceries, but it’s a good parenting sign.)
  10. You often feel like your child is hugging you, literally, to death. All. That. Love. Ugh.

I challenge you, Superstar Parent, to create a list of at least 10 things that prove you are being an awesome parent. I further challenge you to make a gratitude list of some kind every day this month. Just make sure they are lists of 10 things you are grateful for about yourself!!

Tomorrow I think I’ll ponder ways my body is the optimal vessel for living this one wild and crazy life—even though it needs glasses and doesn’t move as quickly as it used to. Hah!

You’re doing a great job as a parent and you don’t need me to tell you that. Tell yourself.


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