10 Adorable Easter Desserts

Adorable Easter Desserts

Are you ready for Easter around the corner? If you are worried about the assortment of treats you want to present, here is the perfect crowd-pleasing list for you. Make your Easter party more exciting by trying out these new and colorful treats. You know, the smile of your precious will be more endearing if the object of the treasure hunt turns out to be something unique and out-of-the-box.

1. Easter Basket Cake

Easter Basket Cake

If you run out of candies, and you most probably will, with those mischievous munchkins around, you can always rely on the Easter Basket Cake. In addition to being an eye-catching centerpiece, the Easter Basket Cake will ensure that no one goes home without a treat. The steps to make an Easter Basket Cake is really simple. Surround your cake with wafer cookies, creating a delightful fence around the sides. Sprinkle some green coconut flakes on the top to give the appearance of fresh grass and garnish it with colorful Easter candies.

2. Bunny Butt Oreo Pops

Bunny Butt Oreo Pops

Easy to make Bunny Butt Oreo Pops are as adorable as they are tasty. The ingredients required to make those cute pops are Oreos, white candy melts and Easter bunny icing decorations. These cute desserts on sticks are always welcomed with joy by the little ones.

3. Cupcake Bouquet

Cupcake Bouquet

The Cupcake Bouquet is perfect for a buffet gathering. This delicious treat might look like quite a task to attempt, but don’t be fooled by appearances. The cupcakes are held together on a Styrofoam ball with the help of toothpicks. Be the center of attention by opting for this centerpiece on your dessert table.

4. No-Bake Mini Egg Cheesecake

No-Bake Mini Egg Cheesecake

Oven on the fritz? No worries, you can still make a delicious cheesecake that indulges the sweet-tooth of your Easter guests. It features one of the all-time favorites, chocolate mini eggs that lends a crunchy texture and a luxurious chocolate taste to the cheesecake.

It is easy to prepare and is not as heavy as a regular cheesecake.

5. Easter Muddy Buddies

Easter Muddy Buddies

Nothing can be as addictive as muddy buddies, more commonly known as puppy chow. Switch up your traditional muddy buddy to include colorful components and Easter eggs. When the candy rations run low, and the Easter cake is still baking in the oven, leave out a bowl of Easter Muddy Buddies to provide the apt holiday munchies.

6. Easter Basket Cookie Cups

Easter Basket Cookie Cups

An easy recipe for a delish dessert. All you need is peanut butter cookie dough, muffin pan, buttercream, and M&Ms. Place the peanut butter cookie dough in the muffin pan to make delectable cookie cups. Decorate it with sweet buttercream and M&M to make it more appealing to the eye and the palate.

7. Easter Oreo Bark

Easter Oreo Bark

Melt some white chocolate and mix some bright, colorful Easter candy along with Oreo Cookies in it. You are now the creator of Easter Oreo Bark. Spread the joy.

8. Delicious Creme Egg Brownies

Delicious Creme Egg Brownies

Does your guest-list include hard-core chocoholics you need to impress? This gooey brownie is the delicious result of combining chocolaty rich brownie with the Easter favorite chocolate egg. Therefore, the perfect answer to indulging those choco-loving guests of yours.

9. Lemon Curd Mousse

Lemon Curd Mousse

No party is complete without pleasing the fussy eater who is always watching out their weight. This light, bright treat serves as the perfect indulgence for the compulsive weight watcher. Made of three simple ingredients, this is a dish that can be prepared and stored ahead of the party.

10. Easter Peeps Fruit Kabobs

Easter Peeps Fruit Kabobs

Bring this exotic, healthy option to your regular Easter party. Topped with favorite candies on a stick, these treats also include slices of colorful fruits like strawberry, pineapple, and banana. When you are worried that your precious has had a bit too much candy, replace the usual treats with these to provide them with a healthy alternative.

Can you think of other tempting treats that we missed out on this list? If so, let us know in the comments below.

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